Computerised Objective Measurement of Strain in Voiced Speech

Jalalinajafabadi, Farideh ;   Gadepalli, Chaitanya ;   Ghasempour, Mohsen ;   Lujan, Mikel ;   Cheetham, Barry ;   Homer, Jarrod

Tags Signals and systemsBiomedical signal classificationMultivariate signal processing

Voice quality assessment is required by healthcare professionals in patients suffering from voice problems. Speech and language therapists...

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Detection of Mild Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment from Elderly Speech: Binary Discrimination using Logistic Regression

Kato, Shohei ;   Homma, Akira ;   Sakuma, Takuto ;   Nakamura, Munehiro

Tags Biomedical signal classificationData mining in biosignalsMultivariate signal processing

In this research, we have developed a novel data mining approach for detection of cognitive impairment, SPCIR (Speech Prosody-Based Cognitive...

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Detection of Wheezes using Their Signature in the Spectrogram Space and Musical Features

Mendes, Luis ;   Vogiatzis, Ioannis ;   Perantoni, Eleni ;   Kaimakamis, Evangelos ;   Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos ;   Tsara, Venetia ;   Teixeira, C├ęsar ;   de Carvalho, Paulo ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   Paiva, Rui Pedro

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignals

In this work thirty features were tested in order to identify the best feature set for the robust detection of wheezes. The features...

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Objective Measures of Perceptual Quality for Predicting Speech Intelligibility in Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Chiaramello, Emma ;   Moriconi, Stefano ;   Tognola, Gabriella

Tags Biomedical simulation involving signal processingSignal processing in physiological systems

An objective method to predict speech intelligibility in sensorineural hearing loss of different types and increasing degrees of severity is...

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Parameter-Based Binaural Hearing Aid Algorithms to Improve Speech Intelligibility and Localization in Complex Environments

Lee, Young Woo ;   Moore, Brian Cecil Joseph

Tags DirectionalityAdaptive filteringParametric filtering and estimation

This paper presents new binaural enhancement and noise suppression algorithms for binaural hearing aids. To enhance interaural level...

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Pronunciation Analysis for Children with Speech Sound Disorders

Dudy, Shiran ;   Asgari, Meysam ;   Kain, Alexander

Tags Biomedical signal classificationTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsSignal processing in physiological systems

Phonological disorders affect 10% of preschool and school-age children, adversely affecting their communication, academic performance, and...

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