Application of Higher-Order Spectral Analysis to Local Field Potentials Recorded in Patients Treated with Deep Brain Stimulation

Marceglia, Sara ;   Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Guglielmo, Foffani ;   Priori, Alberto ;   Cerutti, Sergio

Tags Neural signal processingNeural signals - Spectral analysisNeural signals - Nonlinear analysis

Local field potentials (LFPs) recorded from implanted deep brain electrodes demonstrated the oscillatory nature of human basal ganglia. LFP...

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Local Field Potentials for Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation Systems

Priori, Alberto ;   Rosa, Manuela ;   Arlotti, Mattia ;   Rossi, Lorenzo ;   Guglielmo, Foffani ;   Marceglia, Sara

Tags Closed loop systems in physiological systemsTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

We review current evidence on the advantages of adaptive deep brain stimulation (aDBS) system controlled by local field potentials (LFPs),...

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Motor Task Event Detection using Subthalamic Nucleus Local Field Potentials

Niketeghad, Soroush ;   Hebb, Adam O. ;   Nedrud, Joshua ;   Hanrahan, Sara ;   Mahoor, Mohammad H.

Tags Neural signals - Detection of transient eventsNeural stimulation - Deep brainNeurological disorders

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) provides significant therapeutic benefit for movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Current DBS devices...

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Spatial Distribution of Nonlinear Interactions in Subthalamic Nucleus Local Field Potentials in Parkinson's Disease

Meloni, Gianluca ;   Sen, Anish ;   Abosch, Aviva ;   Ince, Nuri Firat

Tags Neural signals - Nonlinear analysisNeural stimulation - Deep brainNeurological disorders

Abnormally synchronized neural oscillations within the subthalamic nucleus have been proposed as a contributor to the pathophysiology of...

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Spatio-Spectral Characterization of Local Field Potentials in the Subthalamic Nucleus via Multitrack Microelectrode Recordings

Telkes, Ilknur ;   Ince, Nuri Firat ;   Onaran, Ibrahim ;   Abosch, Aviva

Tags Neural signals - Spectral analysisNeurological disordersNeural stimulation - Deep brain

Deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus (STN) is a highly effective treatment for motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. However,...

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Time-Frequency Characterization of Local Field Potential in a Decision Making Task

Loncar-Turukalo, Tatjana ;   Mijatovic, Gorana ;   Bozanic, Nebojsa ;   Stoll, Frederic ;   Bajic, Dragana ;   Procyk, Emmanuel

Tags Neural signals - Time-frequency analysisNeural signal processingNeurological disorders - Mechanisms

This study seeks to characterize the neuronal mechanisms underlying voluntary decisions to check/verify. In order to describe and potentially...

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