A Blood Viscosity Estimation Method based on Pressure-Flow Characteristics of an Oxygenator during Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Its Clinical Application

Okahara, Shigeyuki ;   Tsuji, Toshio ;   Soh, Zu ;   Takahashi, Shinya ;   Sueda, Taijiro

Tags Artificial organs (incl heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, retina)Heart and circulatory support devicesClinical trials

In this paper, we developed a model that uses pressure-flow monitoring information in the oxygenator to estimate viscosity of human blood....

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A Single Element 3D Ultrasound Tomography System

Zhang, Xiang ;   Fincke, Jonathan ;   Kuzmin, Andrey ;   Lempitsky, Victor ;   Anthony, Brian W.

Tags Design and developmentDesign controlsInnovation

Over the past decade, substantial effort has been directed toward developing ultrasonic systems for medical imaging. With advances in...

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Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles as Carriers for Different Molecular Dye Type Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy Applied to Carcinomas

Salas-García, Irene ;   Fanjul-Vélez, Félix ;   Arce-Diego, José L.

Tags Simulation, learning and trainingPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsClinical engineering

The effect of gold nanoparticles on the depth of photodynamic treatment for different types of photosensitizers with significant potential...

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Development of Diagnostic Sensors for Infant Dehydration Assessment using Optical Methods

Kieser, Eduard ;   Dellimore, Kiran ;   Scheffer, Cornie ;   Jacobus, Visser ;   Smith, Johan

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesWellness monitoring technologiesClinical engineering

Dehydration resulting from acute diarrhea is one of the leading causes of infant mortality in the developing world. Safe assessment of an...

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Rapid Detection of E. Coli Cells from Urine Samples using a Self-Capacitance Touchscreen Device

Bergstrøm, Jennifer Panugan ;   Dong, Tao

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologies

Escherichia coli is one of the main causes of urinary tract infections (UTIs). E. coli is commonly detected from urine using standard culture...

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Seven Phases of Gait Detected in Real-Time using Shank Attached Gyroscopes

Behboodi, Ahad ;   Wright, Henry ;   Zahradka, Nicole ;   Lee, Samuel

Tags Muscle stimulationProsthetic limbs, devices, and related appliances and aidesDesign and development

A new gyroscope-based gait phase detection system (GPDS) with ability to detect all seven phases of gait was proposed in this study....

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