Context Aware Falls Risk Assessment: A Case Study Comparison

Reginatto, Brenda ;   Taylor, Kenneth ;   Patterson, Matt ;   Power, Dermot ;   Komaba, Yusuke ;   Maeda, Kazuho ;   Inomata, Akihiro ;   Caulfield, Brian

Tags Technologies for detecting, managing and preventing fallsGerontechnologyInnovations in active ageing

This paper describes three retrospective case studies to illustrate the potential clinical value of a system capable of capturing objective...

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Multi-Resident Identification using Device-Free IR and RF Fingerprinting

Schafermeyer, Erich ;   Wan, Eric ;   Samin, Shadman ;   Zentzis, Noah ;   Nicholas, Preiser ;   Condon, John P ;   Folsom, Jon ;   Jacobs, Peter G.

Tags Technologies for promoting health and wellbeingTechnologies for active ageingAssistive technology for the ageing population

Remote monitoring of health and mobility is critical in the support of aging-in-place for seniors. However, it is challenging to passively monitor...

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Pervasive Health Monitor and Analysis based on Multi-Parameter Smart Armband

Yu, Yang ;   Wang, Qian ;   Liu, Jing

Tags Technologies for promoting health and wellbeing

With the growing attention on personal health, keeping track of the health related parameters has become an important issue, which is quite...

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Preliminary Study of a New Home Healthcare Monitoring to Prevent the Recurrence of Stroke

Tamura, Toshiyo ;   Sekine, Masaki ;   Tang, Zunyi ;   Yoshida, Masaki ;   Takeuchi, Yoshinori ;   Imai, Masaharu

Tags Technologies for promoting health and wellbeingInnovations in active ageingTechnologies for active ageing

We tested a new model that involves monitoring physiological parameters and the use of a rehabilitation training system to improve team-based...

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Remote Health Coaching for Interactive Exercise with Older Adults in a Home Environment

Jimison, Holly ;   Hagler, Stuart ;   Kurillo, Gregorij ;   Bajcsy, Ruzena ;   Pavel, Misha

Tags Technologies for active ageingInnovations in active ageingGerontechnology

Optimal health coaching interventions are tailored to individuals’ needs, preferences, motivations, barriers, and readiness to change....

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Unsupervised Daily Routine and Activity Discovery in Smart Homes

Yin, Jie ;   Zhang, Qing ;   Karunanithi, Mohanraj

Tags Assistive technology for the ageing population

The ability to accurately recognize daily activities of residents is a core premise of smart homes to assist with remote health monitoring....

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