Efficiency Optimization of Class-D Biomedical Inductive Wireless Power Transfer Systems by Means of Frequency Adjustment

Schormans, Matthew James ;   Valente, Virgilio ;   Demosthenous, Andreas

Tags Implantable systemsWireless sensors and systems

Inductive powering for implanted medical devices is a commonly employed technique, that allows for implants to avoid more dangerous methods...

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Experimental UWB Frequency Analysis for Implant Communications

Garcia-Pardo, Concepcion ;   Chavez-Santiago, Raul ;   Cardona, Narcis ;   Balasingham, Ilangko

Tags Implantable technologiesImplantable sensorsPhysiological monitoring

Implantable biomedical sensors with the ability to transmit wirelessly real-time physiological data to an external unit can enable better...

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Investigation of In-Body Path Loss in Different Human Subjects for Localization of Capsule Endoscope

Ara, Perzila ;   Cheng, Shaokoon ;   Heimlich, Michael ;   Dutkiewicz, Eryk

Tags Implantable sensorsWireless sensors and systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

Recent developments in capsule endoscopy have highlighted the need for accurate techniques to estimate the location of a capsule endoscope....

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Performance Comparison between UWB-IR and MB-OFDM with Transmit Diversity in Implant Communications

Shimizu, Yuto ;   Furukawa, Tomofumi ;   Anzai, Daisuke ;   Wang, Jianqing

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologiesBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

An ultra wideband (UWB) technology is a potential candidate for implant body area networks (BANs), where wireless communications are...

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Reconfigurable Antenna Options for 2.45/5 GHz Wireless Body Area Networks in Healthcare Applications

Abbas, Syed Muzahir ;   Ranga, Yogesh ;   Esselle, Karu

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsHealth information systems

This paper presents electronically reconfigurable antenna options in healthcare applications. They are suitable for wireless body area network...

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Wireless Power Transmission for Biomedical Implants: The Role of Near-Zero Threshold CMOS Rectifiers

Mohammadi, Ali ;   Redouté, Jean-Michel ;   Yuce, Mehmet

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologies

Biomedical implants require an electronic power conditioning circuitry to provide a stable electrical power supply. The efficiency of wireless...

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