Automatic Identification of Cyclic Alternating Pattern (CAP) Sequences based on the Teager Energy Operator

Machado, Fátima ;   Bento, Conceição ;   Sales, Francisco ;   Dourado, António ;   Teixeira, César

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsBiomedical signal classificationPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignals

The Cyclic Alternating Pattern (CAP) is a periodic cerebral activity prevalent during Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep-stages. The CAP is...

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Estimation of Sleep Status in Sleep Apnea Patients using a Novel Head Actigraphy Technique

Hummel, Richard ;   Bradley, T. Douglas ;   Fernie, Geoff ;   Chang, Sung Jae Isaac ;   Alshaer, Hisham

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsSignal processing in physiological systemsBiomedical signal classification

Polysomnography is a comprehensive modality for diagnosing sleep apnea (SA), but it is expensive and not widely available. Several technologies...

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Fast Under-Determined BSS Architecture Design Methodology for Real Time Applications

Mopuri, Suresh ;   Pidala, Sreenivasa Reddy ;   Acharyya, Amit ;   Naik, Ganesh R

Tags Signals and systemsTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsIndependent component analysis

In this paper, we propose a high speed architecture design methodology for the Under-determined Blind Source Separation (UBSS) algorithm...

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Feature Extraction using Time-Frequency Analysis for Monophonic-Polyphonic Wheeze Discrimination

Ulukaya, Sezer ;   Sen, Ipek ;   Kahya, Yasemin P.

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignalsBiomedical signal classification

The aim of this study is monophonic-polyphonic wheeze episode discrimination rather than the conventional wheeze (versus non-wheeze) episode...

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Inertial Sensor based and Shoe Size Independent Gait Analysis Including Heel and Toe Clearance Estimation

Kanzler, Christoph Matthias ;   Barth, Jens ;   Rampp, Alexander ;   Schlarb, Heiko ;   Rott, Franz ;   Klucken, Jochen ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Time-frequency analysis of biosignals

Falls are a major cause for morbidity and mortality in the ageing society. Inertial sensor based gait assessment including the analysis of the...

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Reverse Bi-Orthogonal Wavelets and Fuzzy Classifiers for the Automatic Detection of Spike Waves in the EEG of the Hypoxic Ischemic Pre-Term Fetal Sheep

Abbasi, Hamid ;   Gunn, Alistair Jan ;   Bennet, Laura ;   Unsworth, Charles Peter

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsTime-scale and wavelets

There exists a 6-8 hour window of opportunity for the treatment of perinatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) following the original...

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