Identification of Whole-Brain Network Modules based on a Large Scale Granger Causality Approach

Pester, Britta ;   Schmidt, Christoph ;   Schmid-Hertel, Nicole ;   Witte, Herbert ;   Wismueller, Axel ;   Leistritz, Lutz

Tags Connectivity measurementsMultivariate signal processingPrincipal component analysis

Spatially high resolved neurophysiological data commonly pose a computational and analytical problem for the identification of functional...

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Investigating Dynamical Information Transfer in the Brain Following a TMS Pulse: Insights from Structural Architecture

Amico, Enrico ;   van Mierlo, Pieter ;   Marinazzo, Daniele ;   Laureys, Steven

Tags Connectivity measurementsCausalityDirectionality

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been used for more than 20 years to investigate connectivity and plasticity in the human cortex....

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Investigating the Neural Basis of Empathy by EEG Hyperscanning during a Third Party Punishment

Astolfi, Laura ;   Toppi, Jlenia ;   Mattia, Donatella ;   Babiloni, Fabio ;   Ciaramidaro, Angela ;   Siniatchkin, Michael

Tags Connectivity measurementsCausalityDirectionality

The recently developed technique of hyperscanning consists of the simultaneous recording of brain activity from multiple subjects involved in...

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On Neural Connectivity Estimation Problems

Baccala, Luiz Antonio ;   Sameshima, Koichi

Tags Connectivity measurementsDirectionalityCausality

After briefly recapping and reframing the problem of neural connectivity and its implications for today’s brain mapping efforts, we argue...

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Partial Directed Coherence Statistical Performance Characteristics in Frequency Domain

Sameshima, Koichi ;   Takahashi, Daniel Yasumasa ;   Baccala, Luiz Antonio

Tags Connectivity measurementsCausalityMultivariate signal processing

In this work we show the asymptotic behavior of information partial directed coherence estimator via the Monte Carlo simulation of a...

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Spectrally Weighted Granger-Causal Modeling: Motivation and Applications to Data from Animal Models and Epileptic Patients

Plomp, Gijs ;   Astolfi, Laura ;   Coito, Ana ;   Michel, Christoph

Tags Connectivity measurementsDirectionalityPartial and total coherence

In this paper we motivate and describe spectral weighting in methods based on the Granger-causal modeling framework. We show how these...

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