Decoding of Articulatory Gestures during Word Production using Speech Motor and Premotor Cortical Activity

Mugler, Emily ;   Goldrick, Matthew ;   Rosenow, Joshua ;   Tate, Matthew ;   Slutzky, Marc

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceRehabilitation - Speech & languageBrain physiology and modeling - Sensory-motor

Brain-machine interfaces that directly translate attempted speech from the speech motor areas could change the lives of people with...

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Infant-Caregiver Interactions Affect the Early Development of Vocalization

Asada, Minoru ;   Endo, Nobutsuna

Tags Human performance - SpeechHuman performance - Sensory-motorNeuromuscular systems - Learning and adaption

Vocal communication is a unique means to bilaterally exchange messages in real-time. The developmental origin of such communication is the vocal...

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Recurrence Network Analysis of Multiple Local Field Potential Bands from the Orofacial Portion of Primary Motor Cortex

Puthanmadam Subramaniyam, Narayan ;   Hyttinen, Jari ;   Hatsopoulos, Nicholas ;   Ross, Callum ;   Takahashi, Kazutaka

Tags Brain physiology and modelingBrain physiology and modeling - Neural dynamics and computationNeural signals - Time-frequency analysis

Local field potentials (LFPs), which have been considered as aggregate signals that reflect activities of a large number of neurons in the...

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Semiautomatic Marker Tracking of Tongue Positions Captured by Videofluoroscopy during Primate Feeding

Best, Matthew ;   Nakamura, Yuki ;   Kijak, Nicoletta ;   Allen, Mitchell ;   Lever, Teresa ;   Hatsopoulos, Nicholas ;   Ross, Callum ;   Takahashi, Kazutaka

Tags X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Image segmentationFunctional image analysis

Videofluoroscopy (VF) is one of the most com- monly used tools to assess oropharyngeal dysphagia as well as to visualize musculoskeletal...

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Tracking of the Speech Envelope by Neural Activity during Speech Production is Not Limited to Broca's Area in the Dominant Frontal Lobe

Magrassi, Lorenzo ;   Cabrini, Alessandro ;   Aromataris, Giuseppe ;   Moro, Andrea ;   Annovazzi, Valerio

Tags Human performance - SpeechBrain physiology and modelingNeural signal processing

We cross-correlated the electric cortical activity of eleven patients undergoing awake neurosurgical operations with the sound envelope of...

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