Automated Logging of Inspiratory and Expiratory Non-Synchronized Breathing (ALIEN) for Mechanical Ventilation

Chiew, Yeong Shiong ;   Pretty, Christopher G. ;   Beatson, Alexander ;   Glassenbury, Daniel ;   Major, Vincent ;   Corbett, Simon ;   Redmond, Daniel ;   Szlavecz, Akos ;   Shaw, Geoffrey M ;   Chase, J. Geoffrey

Tags Critical care - ventilationPeriodic breathing mechanicsRespiratory variability

Asynchronous Events (AEs) during mechanical ventilation (MV) result in increased work of breathing and potential poor patient outcomes. Thus,...

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Constrained Optimization for Noninvasive Estimation of Work of Breathing

Vicario, Francesco ;   Albanese, Antonio ;   Wang, Dong ;   Karamolegkos, Nikolaos ;   Chbat, Nicolas W.

Tags Work of breathingPulmonary mechanicsCritical care - ventilation

This paper presents a technique for noninvasive estimation of respiratory muscle effort (also known as work of breathing, WOB) in...

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Creating Clinical Decision Support Systems for Respiratory Medicine

Tams, Carl ;   Euliano, Neil

Tags Work of breathingCritical care - ventilationIntensive care unit

Clinical decision support systems are requisite for advances in improving patient therapeutic care. We share lessons learned from creating two...

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Development of an Integrated Model of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiology for the Evaluation of Mechanical Ventilation Strategies

Das, Anup ;   Haque, Mainul ;   Chikhani, Marc ;   Wang, Wenfei ;   Ali, Tayyba ;   Cole, Oana ;   Hardman, Jonathan G. ;   Bates, Declan Gerard

Tags Cardiorespiratory modelsCritical care - ventilationPulmonary hemodynamics

We describe the development of an integrated cardiovascular and pulmonary model for use in the investigation of novel mechanical ventilation...

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Model-Based Advice for Mechanical Ventilation: From Research (INVENT) to Product (Beacon Caresystem)

Rees, Stephen Edward ;   Karbing, Dan Stieper

Tags Critical care - ventilationRespiratory models

This paper describes the structure and functionality of a physiological model-based system for providing advice on the settings of mechanical...

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Steps Towards 3D Electrical Impedance Tomography

Schullcke, Benjamin ;   Gong, Bo ;   Moeller, Knut

Tags Critical care - ventilationIntensive care unitPulmonary disease

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a promising imaging technique to visualize the dynamics of regional lung ventilation. 2D EIT has shown...

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