Automated Retinal Vessel Recognition and Measurements on Large Datasets

Welikala, Roshan A ;   Fraz, Muhammad M ;   Hayat, Shabina ;   Rudnicka, Alicja R ;   Foster, Paul J ;   Whincup, Peter H ;   Owen, Chris G ;   Strachan, David P ;   Barman, Sarah A

Tags Retinal imaging

The characteristics of the retinal vascular network have been prospectively associated with many systemic and vascular diseases. QUARTZ is a...

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Automatic Gunn and Salus Sign Quantification in Retinal Images

Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   GuimarĂ£es, Pedro ;   Leontidis, Georgios ;   Triantafyllou, Areti ;   Ruggeri, Alfredo

Tags Retinal imagingImage feature extraction

Prolonged hypertension can lead to abnormal changes in the retinal vasculature, including sclerosis and thickening of the arteriole walls. These...

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Evaluation of Geometric Features as Biomarkers of Diabetic Retinopathy for Characterizing the Retinal Vascular Changes during the Progression of Diabetes

Leontidis, Georgios ;   Al-Diri, Bashir ;   Wigdahl, Jeffrey ;   Hunter, Andrew

Tags Retinal imagingRetinal vascular imaging

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) has been widely studied and characterized. However, until now, it is unclear how different features, extracted from...

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Improving the Performance of an Ensemble-Based Exudate Detection System using Stochastic Parameter Optimization

Toth, Janos ;   Toman, Henrietta ;   Hajdu, Andras

Tags Retinal imaging

In this paper, we propose an efficient way to determine the optimal parameter setting of an ensemble based system dedicated to the...

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Multiple Ocular Diseases Detection based on Joint Sparse Multi-Task Learning

Chen, Xiangyu ;   Xu, Yanwu ;   Yin, Fengshou ;   Zhang, Zhuo ;   Wong, Damon ;   Wong, Tien Yin ;   Liu, Jiang

Tags Retinal imagingImage classification

In this paper, we present a multiple ocular diseases detection scheme based on joint sparse multi-task learning. Glaucoma, Pathological Myopia...

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Retinal Image Registration for Eye Movement Estimation

Kolar, Radim ;   Tornow, Ralf-Peter ;   Odstrcilik, Jan

Tags Retinal imagingOptical imagingImage segmentation

This paper describes a novel methodology for eye fixation measurement using a unique videoophthalmoscope setup and advanced image...

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