Affordable Low Complexity Heart/Brain Monitoring Methodology for Remote Health Care

Vemishetty, Naresh ;   Jadhav, Pranit ;   Adapa, Bhagyaraja ;   Acharyya, Amit ;   P, Rajalakshmi ;   Naik, Ganesh R

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesDesign and developmentHealth technology management and assessment

This paper introduces a dual-mode low complex on-chip methodology for processing of ECG (Electrocardiogram) and EEG...

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Epileptic Seizure Detection using Wrist-Worn Biosensors

Cogan, Diana ;   Nourani, Mehrdad ;   Harvey, Jay ;   Nagaraddi, Venkatesh

Tags Biofeedback and related technologiesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systemsWellness monitoring technologies

Single signal seizure detection algorithms suffer from high false positive rates. We have found a set of signals which can be easily monitored...

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Transmission of Wireless Neural Signals through a 0.18um CMOS Low-Power Amplifier

Gazziro, Mario ;   Braga, Carlos Fellip ;   Moreira, Dilvan ;   de Carvalho, Andre ;   Rodrigues Jr, Jose F ;   Navarro, Joao ;   Mateus, Juan ;   Pasti Mioni, Daniel ;   Pilon Pessatti, Murilo ;   Dal Fabbro, Paulo Augusto ;   Frewin, Christopher ;   Saddow, Stephen

Tags Wireless telemetric systemsMRI-compatible instrumentation and device managementClinical engineering

In the field of Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI) researchers still are not able to produce clinically viable solutions that meet the requirements...

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Visualizing the Brain on a Mixed Reality Smartphone Application

Soeiro, José ;   Cláudio, Ana Paula ;   Carmo, Maria Beatriz ;   Ferreira, Hugo

Tags Design and developmentProduct development processSimulation, learning and training

Augmented and Virtual Reality approaches are getting more and more advanced and consequently their use in various real world areas is...

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