A Fall Prediction Methodology for Elderly based on a Depth Camera

Alazrai, Rami ;   Mowafi, Yaser ;   Hamad, Eyad

Tags Personal health systemsTechnology and services for assisted-livingDecision support methods and systems

With the aging of society population, efficient tracking of elderly activities of daily living (ADLs) has gained interest. Advancements of...

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Characterization of a Multi-User Indoor Positioning System based on Low Cost Depth Vision (Kinect) for Monitoring Human Activity in a Smart Home

Sevrin, Loïc ;   Noury, Norbert ;   Abouchi, Nacer ;   Jumel, Fabrice ;   Massot, Bertrand ;   Saraydaryan, Jacques

Tags Smart home technologyTechnology and services for home carePersonalised health

An increasing number of systems use indoor positioning for many scenarios such as asset tracking, health care, games, manufacturing,...

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Easy-to-Use, General, and Accurate Multi-Kinect Calibration and Its Application to Gait Monitoring for Fall Prediction

Staranowicz, Aaron ;   Ray, Christopher ;   Mariottini, Gian-Luca

Tags Smart home technologyTechnology and services for home careTelehealth

Falls are the most-common causes of unintentional injury and death in older adults. Many clinics, hospitals, and health-care providers are...

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Person Identification from Gait Analysis with a Depth Camera at Home

Dubois, Amandine ;   Bresciani, Jean-Pierre

Tags Smart home technology

The aim of our project is to develop a markerless system to detect falls and evaluate the frailty of elderly people at home. In previous...

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