A Body-Machine Interface for Training Selective Pelvis Movements in Stroke Survivors: A Pilot Study

Summa, Susanna ;   Pierella, Camilla ;   Giannoni, Psiche ;   Sciacchitano, Alessio ;   Iacovelli, Selene ;   Farshchiansadegh, Ali ;   Mussa-Ivaldi, Ferdinando ;   Casadio, Maura

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

The body-machine interfaces (BMIs) map the subjects’ movements into the low dimensional control space of external devices to reach assistive...

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A New Methodology for Functional Principal Components Analysis from Scarce Data. Application to Stroke Rehabilitation

Belda-Lois, Juan-Manuel ;   Sánchez-Sánchez, Mariluz

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeHuman performanceHuman performance - Vestibular functions

Functional Principal Component Analysis (FPCA) is an increasingly used methodology for analysis of biomedical data. This methodology is intended...

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A Shape-Based Helmet Fitting System for Concussion Protection

Cai, Xingcheng ;   Blostein, Dorothea ;   Saunders, Fraser W.

Tags Rehabilitation - Traumatic brain injuryNeurological disorders - Traumatic brain injuryTechnologies for promoting health and wellbeing

Helmets are widely used as protection against sports-related concussions. The degree of concussion protection offered by a helmet may be...

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A Study on Cortico-Muscular Coupling in Finger Motions for Exoskeleton Assisted Neuro-Rehabilitation

Chowdhury, Anirban ;   Raza, Haider ;   Dutta, Ashish ;   Nishad, Shyam Sunder ;   Saxena, Anupam ;   Prasad, Girijesh

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeRehabilitation - Wearable systemsNeural signal processing

In this paper our objective is to analyze the cortico-muscular coupling for hand finger motion and its possible use in the control of an...

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A Wearable Device for Monitoring and Prevention of Repetitive Ankle Sprain

Attia, Mohammed ;   Taher, Mona

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systems

This study presents the design and implementation of a wearable wireless device, connected to a smart phone, which monitors and prevents...

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An EEG-Driven Lower Limb Rehabilitation Training System for Active and Passive Co-Stimulation

Zhang, Xin ;   Xu, Guanghua ;   Xie, Jun ;   Li, Min ;   Pei, Wei ;   Zhang, Jinhua

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceRehabilitation - Virtual realityRehabilitation - Robotics

With the advent of an aging society, stroke makes a heavy burden for our society. Stroke can damage the motor and sensory neural system...

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Bimanual Elbow Exoskeleton: Force based Protocol and Rehabilitation Quantification

Alavi, Nezam ;   Herrnstadt, Gil ;   Randhawa, Bubblepreet ;   Boyd, Lara ;   Menon, Carlo

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - Stroke

An aging population, and the increase in cardiovascular disease incidence that accompanies this demographic shift, is likely to increase both...

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Combined Robotic-Aided Gait Training and 3D Gait Analysis Provide Objective Treatment and Assessment of Gait in Children and Adolescents with Acquired Hemiplegia

Molteni, Erika ;   Beretta, Elena ;   Altomonte, Daniele ;   Formica, Francesca ;   Strazzer, Sandra

Tags Rehabilitation - LocomotionRehabilitation - Traumatic brain injuryRehabilitation - Robotics

To evaluate the feasibility of a fully objective rehabilitative and assessment process of the gait abilities in children suffering from Acquired...

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Comparison between the Therapeutic Effects of Robotic-Assisted Locomotor Training And an Anti-Spastic Medication on Spasticity

Mirbagheri, Mehdi

Tags Rehabilitation - MusculoskeletalRehabilitation - RoboticsNeuromuscular systems - Peripheral mechanisms

We studied the effects of robotic-assisted locomotor (LOKOMAT) training or an anti-spastic medication (tizanidine) on neuromuscular...

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Cough Detection through Mechanomyographic Signal in Synchronized Respiratory Electrical Stimulation Systems

Costa, Taisa Daiana da ;   Nogueira-Neto, Guilherme ;   Nohama, Percy

Tags Rehabilitation - Spinal injuryRehabilitationRehabilitation - Cardiorespiratory

Synchronization of transcutaneous functional electrical stimulation (TFES) with the spontaneous inspiration and expiration phases is a new...

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Data Glove Embedded with 9-Axis IMU and Force Sensing Sensors for Evaluation of Hand Function

Hsiao, Pei-Chi ;   Yang, Shu-Yu ;   Lin, Bor-Shing ;   Lee, I-Jung ;   Chou, Willy

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsHuman performanceNeural signal processing

A hand injury can greatly affect a person’s daily life. Physicians must evaluate the state of recovery of a patient’s injured hand. However,...

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Design and Fabrication of a Three Dimensional Printable Non-Assembly Articulated Hand Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation

Cui, Lei ;   Phan, Anthony ;   Allison, Garry

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Musculoskeletal

Robotic rehabilitation has proven to be cost-effective in accelerating the rehabilitation process by eliminating the constant need for...

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Design of Small-Size Pouch Motors for Rat Gait Rehabilitation Device

Chang, Shih-Yin ;   Takashima, Kenta ;   Nishikawa, Satoshi ;   Niiyama, Ryuma ;   Someya, Takao ;   Onodera, Hiroshi ;   Kuniyoshi, Yasuo

Tags Rehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - LocomotionRehabilitation - Spinal injury

Recent studies have demonstrated that active gait training can recover voluntary locomotive ability of paralyzed rats. Rehabilitation devices...

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Determination of Appropriate Imagery Task to Discriminate ERD of "Pinch" and "Hold" Movements in Healthy Participants and Stroke Patients

Matsubara, Miku ;   Kayanuma, Hidenori ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Omatsu, Satoko ;   Tominaga, Takanori

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeNeural signals - Time-frequency analysisBrain functional imaging - EEG

Using video clips of hand movement to facilitate motor imagery and evoke strong ERD, we investigated the appropriate imagery task to...

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Determining Inertial Measurement Unit Placement for Estimating Human Trunk Sway While Standing, Walking and Running

Yu, Bo ;   Bao, Tian ;   Zhang, Dingguo ;   Carender, Wendy ;   Sienko, Kathleen H. ;   Shull, Peter B.

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsNeuromuscular systems - Postural and balance

Inertial measurement units (IMU) are often used to estimate medial-lateral (M/L) trunk sway for assessing and treating gait disorders, and...

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Development of the Bedridden Person Support System using Hand Gesture

Ichimura, Kohei ;   Magatani, Kazushige

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation - CognitionRehabilitation - Speech & language

The purpose of this study is to support the bedridden and physically handicapped person who live independently. In this study, we developed...

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Effect of Viewing Mode on Pathfinding in Immersive Virtual Reality

White, Paul ;   Byagowi, Ahmad ;   Moussavi, Zahra

Tags Rehabilitation - Virtual realityHuman performance - CognitionRehabilitation - Cognition

The use of Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) to view Virtual Reality Environments (VREs) has received much attention recently. This paper reports...

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Evaluation of an Objective Listening Effort Measure in a Selective, Multi-Speaker Listening Task using Different Hearing Aid Settings

Schäfer, Patrick Johannes ;   Serman, Maja ;   Arnold, Mirko ;   Corona-Strauss, Farah I. ;   Strauss, Daniel J. ;   Seidler-Fallböhmer, Birgit ;   Seidler, Harald

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Speech & languageBrain functional imaging - EEG

Speaker recognition in a multi-speaker environment is a complex listening task that requires effort to be solved. Especially people with...

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Heart Rate Regulation during Cycle-Ergometer Exercise via Bio-Feedback

Argha, Ahmadreza ;   Su, Steven Weidong ;   Nguyen, Hung T. ;   Celler, Branko George

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - Cardiorespiratory

This paper explains our developed control system which regulates the heart rate (HR) to track a desired trajectory. The controller is indeed...

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Impaired Regulation Post-Stroke of Motor Unit Firing Behavior during Volitional Relaxation of Knee Extensor Torque Assessed using High Density Surface EMG Decomposition

Murphy, Spencer ;   Berrios, Reivian ;   Nelson, Andrew ;   Negro, Francesco ;   Farina, Dario ;   Schmit, Brian ;   Hyngstrom, Allison

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeRehabilitationNeurological disorders

The purpose of this study was to use high density surface EMG recordings to quantify stroke-related abnormalities in motor unit firing...

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Improving Posture and Sitting Behavior through Tactile and Visual Feedback in a Sedentary Environment

van Almkerk, Marc ;   Bierling, Bart ;   Leermakers, Nono ;   Vinken, Jeroen ;   Timmermans, Annick A.A.

Tags Rehabilitation - MusculoskeletalMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsRehabilitation

This paper presents the concept Backtive: an interactive office chair with an accompanying mobile application to provide both tactile and...

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Injury Potentials of Spinal Cord in Ex Vivo Compression Injury Model

Wang, Aihua ;   Zhang, Guanghao ;   Zhang, Cheng ;   Huo, Xiaolin ;   Song, Tao

Tags Rehabilitation - Spinal injuryBrain functional imaging - Evoked potentials

The effect of applied electric field on neuroprotection and axonal regeneration has been studied in previous studies of acute spinal cord...

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Kinematic Analysis of Unilateral and Bilateral Drinking Task after Brain and Periphery Injuries

Dimwamwa, Elaida ;   Johnson, Michelle

Tags RehabilitationNeurological disorders - Diagnostic and evaluation techniquesHuman performance - Activities of daily living

In this study, we aim to understand how functional movement is affected by various physical and neurological injuries. Using a novel system...

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Motor Control Investigation of Dystonic Cerebral Palsy: A Pilot Study of Passive Knee Trajectory

Androwis, Ghaith ;   Michael, Peter ;   Nolan, Karen ;   Jewaid, Darine ;   Strongwater, Allan ;   Foulds, Richard

Tags RehabilitationHuman performance - EngineeringHuman performance - Vestibular functions

The purpose of this study is to better understand dystonia in CP and be able to objectively distinguish between individuals who experience...

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MovAid a Novel Device for Advanced Rehabilitation Monitoring

Gupta, Prashant ;   Verma, Piyush ;   Gupta, Rakesh ;   Verma, Bhawna

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation - Wearable systemsNeuromuscular systems - EMG models

The present article introduces a new device “MovAid” which helps to measure and monitor rehabilitation. It has two main components- “MovAid...

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Neural Network Decoupling Technique and Its Application to a Powered Wheelchair System

Nguyen, Tuan Nghia ;   Nguyen, Hung T.

Tags Rehabilitation - Robotics

This paper proposes a neural network decoupling technique for an uncertain multivariable system. Based on a linear diagonalization technique, a...

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Oscillating Field Stimulation Promotes Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury in Rats: Assessment using Behavioral, Electrophysiological and Histological Evaluations

Zhang, Cheng ;   Zhang, Guanghao ;   Wang, Aihua ;   Wu, Changzhe ;   Huo, Xiaolin

Tags Rehabilitation - Spinal injuryNeural stimulation - Peripheral & spinal

Objectives: We explored whether oscillating field stimulation (OFS) could efficiently promote motor function recovery in rat model of spinal...

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Powered Exoskeleton with Palm Degrees of Freedom for Hand Rehabilitation

Richards, Daniel S ;   Georgilas, Ioannis ;   Dagnino, Giulio ;   Dogramadzi, Sanja

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - StrokeRehabilitation - Robotics

Robotic rehabilitation is a currently underutilized field with the potential to allow huge cost savings within health-care. Existing rehabilitation...

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Preliminary Assessment of Variable Geometry Stair Ascent and Descent with a Powered Lower Limb Orthosis for Individuals with Paraplegia

Ekelem, Andrew ;   Murray, Spencer ;   Goldfarb, Michael

Tags Rehabilitation - Wearable systemsRehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - Spinal injury

This paper describes a controller for a lower-limb exoskeleton that enables variable-geometry stair ascent and descent for persons with...

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Preliminary Evaluation of the Tactile Feedback System based on Artificial Skin and Electrotactile Stimulation

Franceschi, Marta ;   Seminara, Lucia ;   Pinna, Luigi ;   Dosen, Strahinja ;   Farina, Dario ;   Valle, Maurizio

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation - RoboticsSensory neuroprostheses - Somatosensory

This research is motivated by the need of integrating cutaneous sensing into a prosthetic device, enabling a bidirectional communication...

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Smartphone App Design for the Wireless Control of a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator Device with Integrated Randomization Allocation Process for RCT Applications

Sweeney, Dean ;   Quinlan, Leo ;   ÓLaighin, Gearoid

Tags Rehabilitation - MusculoskeletalMotor neuroprostheses - Neuromuscular stimulationNeural interfaces - Stimulator technology

The use of NMES has evolved over the last five decades. Technological advancements have transformed these once complex systems into...

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Validating ArmAssist Assessment as Outcome Measure in Upper-Limb Post-Stroke Telerehabilitation

Rodriguez-de-Pablo, Cristina ;   Balasubramanian, Sivakumar ;   Savic, Andrej ;   Tomic, Tijana Dimkic ;   Konstantinovic, Ljubica ;   Keller, Thierry

Tags Rehabilitation - Virtual realityRehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - Stroke

The ArmAssist is a low-cost robotic system for post-stroke upper-limb telerehabilitation based on serious games. The system incorporates a...

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