A Machine Learning Pipeline for Multiple Sclerosis Course Detection from Clinical Scales and Patient Reported Outcomes

Fiorini, Samuele ;   Verri, Alessandro ;   Tacchino, Andrea ;   Ponzio, Michela ;   Brichetto, Giampaolo ;   Barla, Annalisa

Tags Mining clinical dataMedical decision makingBiomedical data-driven modeling

In this work we present a machine learning pipeline for the detection of multiple sclerosis course from a collection of inexpensive and...

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Accuracy and Optimization of a Subcutaneous Insulin Model for Less Acute Critical Care Patients

Thomas, Felicity ;   Dickson, Jennifer ;   Pretty, Christopher G. ;   Stewart, Kent ;   Fisk, Liam ;   Shaw, Geoffrey M ;   Chase, J. Geoffrey

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingClinical applications of biological networksParameter estimation

Extending safe, effective glycemic control to the general wards requires a simple approach using subcutaneous (SC) insulin. However, this...

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Anthropometric Measurements for Assessing Insulin Sensitivity on Patients with Metabolic Syndrome, Sedentaries and Marathoners

Severeyn Varela, Erika ;   Wong C, Sara ;   Herrera, Hector ;   Altuve, Miguel

Tags Comparative effectiveness researchMedical decision makingParameter estimation

The diagnosis of low insulin sensitivity is commonly done through the HOMA-IR index, in which fasting insulin and glucose blood levels are...

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Correlation of Clinical Parameters with Cardiorespiratory Behavior in Successfully Extubated Extremely Preterm Infants

Kanbar, Lara ;   Shalish, Wissam ;   Robles-Rubio, Carlos Alejandro ;   Precup, Doina ;   Brown, Karen ;   Sant'Anna, Guilherme Mendes ;   Kearney, Robert Edward

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingPatient stratificationMedical decision making

Extremely preterm infants (gestational age ? 28 weeks) often require EndoTracheal Tube-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (ETT-IMV) to survive....

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Early Detection of Epilepsy Seizures based on a Weightless Neural Network

Aguiar, Kleber de ;   França, Felipe Maia Galvão ;   Barbosa, Valmir Carneiro ;   Teixeira, César

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingMining clinical data

This work introduces a new methodology for the early detection of epileptic seizure based on the WiSARD weightless neural network model and...

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Epileptic EEG Visualization and Sonification based on Linear Discriminate Analysis

Chen, Wei ;   Shen, Chia-Ping ;   Chiu, Ming-Jang ;   Zhao, Qibin ;   Cichocki, Andrzej ;   Lin, Jeng-Wei ;   Lai, Feipei

Tags Structured data visualizationBiomedical data-driven modeling

In this paper, we first presents a high accuracy epileptic electroencephalogram (EEG) classification algorithm. EEG data of epilepsy patients...

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Extracting Reliable Gene Expression Signatures through Stable Bootstrap Validation

Chlis, Nikolaos-Kosmas ;   Bei, Ekaterini ;   Moirogiorgou, Konstantina ;   Zervakis, Michalis

Tags Mining clinical dataComparative effectiveness research

Identification of candidate genes responsible for specific phenotypes, such as cancer, has been a major challenge in the field of...

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Feature Selection and Oversampling in Analysis of Clinical Data for Extubation Readiness in Extreme Preterm Infants

Gourdeau, Pascale ;   Kanbar, Lara ;   Shalish, Wissam ;   Sant'Anna, Guilherme Mendes ;   Kearney, Robert Edward ;   Precup, Doina

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingAlgorithms and techniques for systems modelingMedical decision making

We present an approach for the analysis of clinical data from extremely preterm infants, in order to determine if they are ready to be...

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Homology Modeling of Target Proteins and Identification Novel Anti-Fungal Compounds against Candida Tropicalis through Structure based Virtual Screening

Ravinarayanan, Haribalaganesh ;   Paul, Bibhash Kumar ;   Chakraborty, Angshu ;   Sundar, Krishnan

Tags Structural bioinformatics

Candida tropicalis, the etiological agent of candidiasis evades the immune system and survives in the human host for decades. Currently there...

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Mathematical Models of Tumor Growth using Voronoi Tessellations in Pathology Slides of Kidney Cancer

Saribudak, Aydin ;   Dong, Yiyu ;   Gundry, Stephen ;   Hsieh, James J. ;   Uyar, M. Umit

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingParameter estimationMedical decision making

The impact of patient-specific spatial distribution features of cell nuclei on tumor growth characteristics was analyzed. Tumor tissues from...

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Melanosome Distribution Patterns Affecting Skin Reflectance: Implications for the in Vivo Estimation of Epidermal Melanin Content

Chen, Tenn Francis ;   Baranoski, Gladimir

Tags Inverse problems in biologyParameter estimationBiomedical data-driven modeling

Several techniques employed in the in vivo estimation of epidermal melanin content rely on the assumption that the effects of different...

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Next Generation Patient Monitor Powered by In-Silico Physiology

Baronov, Dimitar ;   McManus, Michael ;   Butler, Evan ;   Chung, Douglas ;   Almodovar, Melvin

Tags Medical decision makingMining clinical dataPhysiological systems

The goal of this paper is to introduce a next generation patient monitoring technology that relies on objective and continuous data analytics...

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Procoagulant Control Strategies for the Human Blood Clotting Process

Laurino, Marco ;   Menara, Tommaso ;   Stella, Alessandro ;   Betta, Monica ;   Landi, Alberto

Tags Modeling of biomolecular system pathways

This paper describes the comparison between two drug control strategies to hemophilia A. To emulate blood clotting and the pathological...

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Rank-Based MIRNA Signatures for Blood-Based Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Lauria, Mario

Tags Clinical applications of biological networksPatient stratificationMedical decision making

We describe a new signature definition and analysis method to be used as biomarker for blood-based diagnosis of tuberculosis. Our new...

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