A Low Power, Area Efficient FPGA based Beamforming Technique for 1-D CMUT Arrays

Joseph, Bastin ;   Joseph, Jose ;   Vanjari, Siva Rama Krishna

Tags Acoustic sensors and systemsPortable miniaturized systemsPhysiological monitoring

A low power area efficient digital beamformer targeting low frequency (2MHz) 1-D linear Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT)...

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A Mucoadhesive Endoluminal Wearable Sensory System

Chan, Cecilia K.W. ;   Zheng, Yali ;   Elaine, Elaine H.L. ;   Yu, Ruoxi ;   Leung, Hin Kwong ;   Zhang, Ruikai ;   Poon, Carmen CY

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesWearable systemsPhysiological monitoring

Bio- or muco-adhesive anchoring is a challenge for the development of advanced gastrointestinal (GI) surgical instruments, endoluminal...

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A µ-Biomimetic Flow Sensor for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

Stepniak, Simon ;   Bleckmann, Horst ;   Herzog, Hendrik ;   Klein, Adrian ;   Schulze, Elisabeth ;   Tätzner, Simon ;   Steltenkamp, Siegfried

Tags New sensing techniquesBiological sensors and systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Flow sensing is pivotal in many medical and pharmaceutical applications. Most commercial flow sensors are either expensive, complex, or consume...

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Comparative Study on Dielectric Constants and Conductivities of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Tissues

Kikkawa, Takamaro ;   Sugitani, Takumi ;   Arihiro, Koji

Tags New sensing techniques

Measurements of dielectric constants and conductivities of invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) tissues such as scirrhous carcinoma, solidtubular...

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Development of an Integrated Optical Contact Force Monitoring Sensor for Cardiac Ablation Catheters

Kim, Jang Ah ;   Kim, Changmin ;   Park, Kihong ;   Kulkarni, Atul ;   Taesung, Kim

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsOptical and photonic sensors and systemsMicro- and nano-sensors

Contact force monitoring technology during cardiac catheter ablation has become a major issue as both appropriate RF delivery and risk-free...

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Effects of Sensor Type and Location on Signal Quality in Bed Mounted Ballistocardiographic Heart Rate and Respiration Monitoring

Vehkaoja, Antti ;   Kontunen, Anton Santeri ;   Lekkala, Jukka

Tags Physiological monitoringMechanical sensors and systems

Sleeping is a crucial part of our circadian rhythm and the quality of sleep has substantial impact on the quality of life in general and the...

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Photoelectric Properties in Metal Ion Modified DNA Nanostructure

Kulkarni, Atul ;   Dugasani, Sreekantha Reddy ;   Kim, Jang Ah ;   Kim, Hyeong-U ;   Park, Sung Ha ;   Taesung, Kim

Tags Bio-nano technology

The use of DNA nanostructures as a molecular wire in nanoscale electronic architectures would greatly benefit from its capability of...

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Resistopalatography as an Assistive Technology for Users with Spinal Cord Injuries

Horne, Robert ;   Kelly, Stephen ;   Sharp, Paul

Tags New sensing techniques

Translating a desired user’s input using conventional methods such as a keyboard and mouse for the computer, or a joystick for a wheelchair...

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Unobtrusive Tactile Sensing based on Electromechanical Boundary Estimation

Yoshimoto, Shunsuke ;   Imura, Masataka ;   Oshiro, Osamu

Tags New sensing techniquesBioelectric sensing methodsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

Unobtrusive tactile sensing is an important yet challenging topic for medical and robotic fields. We proposed a novel tactile sensing technology...

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