3-D Localization of Diabetic Macular Edema using OCT Thickness Maps

Roychowdhury, Sohini ;   Koozekanani, Dara ;   Reinsbach, Michael ;   Parhi, Keshab

Tags Retinal imagingMultiscale analysisOptical coherence tomography

This paper presents a novel automated system that segments 3-D thickness maps of sub-retinal layers from healthy and abnormal OCT image...

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A New Tool to Connect Blood Vessels in Fundus Retinal Images

CalivĂ , Francesco ;   Aletti, Matteo ;   Al-Diri, Bashir ;   Hunter, Andrew

Tags Retinal imagingRetinal vascular imaging

This paper presents a novel tool that allows a user to reconstruct the retinal vascular network from fundus images. The retinal vasculature...

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An Augmented Reality Assistance Platform for Eye Laser Surgery

Ong, Ee Ping ;   Lee, Jimmy Addison ;   Cheng, Jun ;   Lee, Beng Hai ;   Xu, Guozhen ;   Laude, Augustinus ;   Teoh, Stephen ;   Lim, Tock Han ;   Wong, Damon ;   Liu, Jiang

Tags Retinal imagingMultimodal imagingRigid-body image registration

This paper presents a novel augmented reality assistance platform for eye laser surgery. The aims of the proposed system are for the...

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Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Plus Disease in Retinal Fundus Images of Preterm Infants via Measurement of Vessel Tortuosity

Oloumi, Faraz ;   Rangayyan, Raj ;   Ells, Anna L.

Tags Retinal vascular imagingImage classificationImage feature extraction

An increase in retinal vessel tortuosity can be indicative of the presence of various diseases including retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)....

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Computer-Assisted Grading of Diabetic Macular Edema on Retinal Color Fundus Images

Sundaresan, Vaanathi ;   Ram, Keerthi ;   Joshi, Niranjan ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar ;   Gandhi, Rashmin

Tags Retinal imagingMultiscale analysisImage classification

Diabetic macular edema (DME) is one of the vision-impairing manifestations of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR). Early detection and treatment of DME...

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Glaucoma Classification using Regional Wavelet Features of the ONH and Its Surroundings

Haleem, Muhammad Salman ;   Han, Liangxiu ;   van Hemert, Jano ;   Fleming, Alan

Tags Retinal imagingImage feature extractionImage classification

Glaucoma is one of the leading cause of blindness but the detection at its earliest stage and subsequent treatment can aid patients to...

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Interactive Retinal Vessel Centreline Extraction and Boundary Delineation using Anisotropic Fast Marching and Intensities Consistency

Chen, Da ;   Cohen, Laurent

Tags Retinal vascular imagingRetinal imaging

In this paper, we propose a new interactive retinal vessels extraction method with anisotropic fast marching (AFM) based on the observation...

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New Hierarchical Approach for Microaneurysms Detection with Matched Filter and Machine Learning

Wu, Jiayi ;   Xin, Jingmin ;   Hong, Lai ;   You, Jane ;   Zheng, Nanning

Tags Retinal imagingImage filteringImage feature extraction

Microaneurysms are regarded as the first signs of diabetic retinopathy (DR), but the microaneurysms are not clear in the color retinal...

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Reducing the Artifacts in the Identification of Outer Retinal Boundary in the SD-OCT Image with Inherit Retinal Dystrophies

Zhang, Min ;   Sekiguchi, Hiroyuki ;   Uji, Akihito ;   Yakami, Masahiro ;   Togashi, Kaori

Tags Optical coherence tomographyImage segmentationRetinal imaging

This paper presents a new SD-OCT outer retinal boundary identification method based on the improved graph-theoretic approach in SD-OCT...

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