Functional Connectivity Analysis of Brain Hemodynamics during Rubber Hand Illusion

Arizono, Naoki ;   Kondo, Toshiyuki

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopyFunctional image analysisImage classification

Embodied cognition has been eagerly studied in the recent neuroscience research field. In particular, hand ownership has been investigated...

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Hyperspectral Imaging of Vascular Anastomosis Associated with Blood Flow and Hemoglobin Concentration

Sakota, Daisuke ;   Nagaoka, Eiki ;   Maruyama, Osamu

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopyOptical vascular imagingOptical imaging

The feasibility of optical non-invasive evaluation of the graft function of vascular anastomosis was investigated in vitro using hyperspectral...

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In Vivo NIRS Monitoring in Pig Spinal Cord Tissues

Tsiakaka, Olivier ;   Terosiet, Mehdi ;   Romain, Olivier ;   Histace, Aymeric ;   Benali, Habib ;   Pradat, Pierre-Francois ;   Vallette, Farouk ;   Feher, Michael ;   Feruglio, Sylvain

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopyOptical neuroimagingOptical vascular imaging

Little is known about the processes occurring after Spinal Cord damage. Whether permanent or recoverable, those processes have not been...

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Robust Remote Monitoring of Breathing Function by using Infrared Thermography

Barbosa Pereira, Carina ;   Yu, Xinchi ;   Blazek, Vladimir ;   Leonhardt, Steffen

Tags Infra-red imaging

An abnormal breathing rate (BR) is one of the strongest markers of physiological distress. Moreover, it plays an important role in early...

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Sensitivity Exploratory Analysis of the Scalar Wave P1/3 Model to Absorptive Inclusions in Biological Media

Bouza Dominguez, Jorge ;   Dolgushin, Sergey ;   Selishchev, Sergey

Tags Near infra-red spectroscopyOptical breast imagingOptical imaging

In this work, a sensitivity exploratory analysis of the Scalar Wave P1/3 (SWAP1/3) model to the presence of absorptive inclusions in biological...

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Thermogram Breast Cancer Detection Approach based on Neutrosophic Sets and Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

Gaber, Tarek ;   Zahran, Gehad ;   Anter, Ahmed ;   Mona, Soliman ;   Ali, Mona Abdelbaset Sadek ;   Semary, Noura ;   Aboul Alla, Hassanien ;   Vaclav, Snasel

Tags Infra-red imagingImage feature extractionImage classification

The early detection of breast cancer makes many women survive. In this paper, a CAD system classifying breast cancer thermograms to normal...

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