A GPU Accelerated Moving Mesh Correspondence Algorithm with Applications to RV Segmentation

Punithakumar, Kumaradevan ;   Noga, Michelle ;   Boulanger, Pierre

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisDeformable image registrationImage segmentation

This study proposes a parallel nonrigid registration algorithm to obtain point correspondence between a sequence of images. Several recent...

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A High-Accuracy Surgical Augmented Reality System using Enhanced Integral Videography Image Overlay

Zhang, Xinran ;   Chen, Guowen ;   Liao, Hongen

Tags Image visualizationImage enhancement

Image guided surgery has been used in clinic to improve the surgery safety and accuracy. Augmented reality (AR) technique, which can provide...

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Accelerating DRR Generation using Fourier Slice Theorem on the GPU

Abdellah, Marwan ;   Eldeib, Ayman M. ;   Owis, Mohamed

Tags Volume renderingImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsX-ray radiography

Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs (DRRs) play a vital role in medical imaging procedures and radiotherapy applications. They allow the...

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Adaptive Stereo Medical Image Watermarking using Non-Corresponding Blocks

Mohaghegh, Hoda ;   Karimi, Nader ;   Soroushmehr, S.M.Reza ;   Samavi, Shadrokh ;   Najarian, Kayvan

Tags Image visualizationImage enhancementImage retrieval

Today with advancements of technology in different medical imaging fields, the use of stereoscopic images has increased. Furthermore with the...

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An Innovative Calibration based Integral Photography Rendering Algorithm for Medical Application and Its Evaluation

Chen, Guowen ;   Zhang, Xinran ;   Fan, Zhencheng ;   Liao, Hongen

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationOptical imagingVolume rendering

Autostereoscopic has long been proposed to fulfill medical display in image-guided surgery and clinical education to provide more intuitive...

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Clustering-Based Limb Identification for Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment

Baran Pouyan, Maziyar ;   Nourani, Mehrdad ;   Pompeo, Matthew

Tags Image visualizationImage segmentation

Bedridden patients have a high risk of developing pressure ulcers. Risk assessment for pressure ulceration is critical for preventive care....

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GPU Acceleration for Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs using Bindless Texture Objects and CUDA/OpenGL Interoperability

Abdellah, Marwan ;   Eldeib, Ayman M. ;   Owis, Mohamed

Tags Volume renderingX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)X-ray radiography

This paper features an advanced implementation of the X-ray rendering algorithm that harnesses the giant computing power of the current...

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High Quality Surface Reconstruction in Radiotherapy: Cross-Sectional Contours to 3D Mesh using Wavelets

Moriconi, Stefano ;   Scalco, Elisa ;   Broggi, Sara ;   Avuzzi, Barbara ;   Valdagni, Riccardo ;   Rizzo, Giovanna

Tags Volume renderingX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

A novel approach for three-dimensional (3D) surface reconstruction of anatomical structures in radiotherapy (RT) is presented. This is...

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Techniques for Estimating Blood Pressure Variation using Video Images

Sugita, Norihiro ;   Obara, Kazuma ;   Yoshizawa, Makoto ;   Abe, Makoto ;   Tanaka, Akira ;   Homma, Noriyasu

Tags Image visualizationImage feature extractionMultiscale analysis

It is important to know about a sudden blood pressure change that occurs in everyday life and may pose a danger to human health. However,...

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Visualization of Multiple Anatomical Structures with Explicit Isosurface Manipulation

Wan, Xiaonan ;   Yang, Fei ;   Yang, Feng ;   Li, Xiuli ;   Xu, Min ;   Tian, Jie

Tags Image visualizationImage segmentationVolume rendering

In medical image analysis and surgical planning, it is an essential task to visualize and differentiate multiple anatomical structures. The...

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