A Microwave Imaging-Based 3D Localization Algorithm for an In-Body RF Source as in Wireless Capsule Endoscopes

Chandra, Rohit ;   Balasingham, Ilangko

Tags Implantable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsWearable systems

A microwave imaging-based technique for 3D localization of an in-body RF source is presented. Such a technique can be useful for localization...

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A More Acceptable Endoluminal Implantation for Wirelessly Monitoring Vital Signals using Ingestible Sensors Anchored to the Stomach Wall

Ohta, Hidetoshi ;   Izumi, Shintaro ;   Yoshimoto, Masahiko

Tags Implantable systemsPhysiological monitoringBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

Several types of implanted devices have been proposed and introduced into health care and tele-medicine systems for monitoring physiological...

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An Intra-Body Molecular Communication Networks Framework for Continuous Health Monitoring and Diagnosis

Chahibi, Youssef ;   Balasingham, Ilangko

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsWireless sensors and systemsMicro- and nano-sensors

Intra-body communication networks are designed to interconnect nano- or micro-sized sensors located inside the body for health monitoring...

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Multichannel Neural Recording with a 128 Mbps UWB Wireless Transmitter for Implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces

Ando, Hiroshi ;   Takizawa, Kenichi ;   Yoshida, Takeshi ;   Matsushita, Kojiro ;   Hirata, Masayuki ;   Suzuki, Takafumi

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologiesImplantable sensors

To realize a low-invasive and high accuracy BMI (Brain-machine interface) system, we have already developed a fully-implantable wireless BMI...

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Wireless Communication Link for Capsule Endoscope at 600 MHz

Khaleghi, Ali ;   Balasingham, Ilangko

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologiesLow power, wireless sensing methods

Simulation of a wireless communication link for a capsule endoscopy is presented for monitoring of small intestine in humans. The realized...

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Wireless Radio Channel for Intramuscular Electrode Implants in the Control of Upper Limb Prostheses

Stango, Antonietta ;   Yekeh Yazdandoost, Kamya ;   Farina, Dario

Tags Implantable technologiesBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

In the last few years the use of implanted devices has been considered also in the field of myoelectric hand prostheses. Wireless implanted...

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