Anesthesia-Related Changes in Information Transfer may be Caused by Reduction in Local Information Generation

Wollstadt, Patricia ;   Sellers, Kristin K. ;   Hutt, Axel ;   Frohlich, Flavio ;   Wibral, Michael

Tags Connectivity measurementsDirectionalityNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

In anesthesia research it is an open question how general anesthetics lead to loss of consciousness (LOC). It has been proposed that LOC...

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Causality Networks from Multivariate Time Series and Application to Epilepsy

Siggiridou, Elsa ;   Koutlis, Christos ;   Tsimpiris, Alkiviadis ;   Kimiskidis, Vasilios ;   Kugiumtzis, Dimitris

Tags CausalityNonlinear coupling of biomedical signalsNonlinear analysis of biomedical signals

Granger causality and variants of this concept allow the study of complex dynamical systems as networks constructed from multivariate time...

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General Anesthesia Reduces the Information Exchange between Heart and Circulation

Porta, Alberto ;   Bari, Vlasta ;   Marchi, Andrea ;   De Maria, Beatrice ;   Pistuddi, Valeria ;   Ranucci, Marco

Tags Multivariate signal processingCausalityClosed loop systems in physiological systems

The study demonstrates the ability of an information-theoretic measure, such as the transfer entropy (TE), in detecting the depression of...

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Quantifying Spatiotemporal Complexity of Cardiac Dynamics using Ordinal Patterns

Schlemmer, Alexander ;   Berg, Sebastian ;   Shajahan, T K ;   Luther, Stefan ;   Parlitz, Ulrich

Tags Nonlinear analysis of biomedical signalsMultivariate signal processing

Analyzing the dynamics of complex excitation wave patterns in cardiac tissue plays a key role for understanding the origin of life-threatening...

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Redundant and Synergistic Information Transfer in Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Variability

Faes, Luca ;   Porta, Alberto ;   Nollo, Giandomenico

Tags CausalityMultivariate signal processingConnectivity measurements

In the framework of information dynamics, new tools are emerging which allow one to quantify how the information provided by two source...

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Synergy, Redundancy and Unnormalized Granger Causality

Stramaglia, Sebastiano ;   Angelini, Leonardo ;   Cortes, Jesus M ;   Marinazzo, Daniele

Tags CausalityConnectivity measurementsDirectionality

We analyze by means of Granger causality the effect of synergy and redundancy in the inference (from time series data) of the information...

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