A Model of Injury Potential for Myelinated Nerve Fiber

Zhang, Guanghao ;   Huo, Xiaolin ;   Wang, Aihua ;   Zhang, Cheng ;   Wu, Changzhe

Tags Rehabilitation - Spinal injuryBrain physiology and modelingNeurological disorders - Traumatic brain injury

Excellent models have been described in the literature which relate membrane potential to extracellular electrical or magnetic stimulation and...

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An Arm for a Leg: Adapting a Robotic Arm for Gait Rehabilitation

Franchi, Giulia ;   Viereck, Ulrich ;   Platt, Robert ;   Yen, Sheng-che ;   Hasson, Christopher

Tags Rehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - LocomotionHuman performance - Gait

The purpose of this study was to adapt a multipurpose robotic arm for gait rehabilitation. An advantage of this approach is versatility: a...

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Assessing Neuro-Motor Recovery in a Stroke Survivor with High-Resolution EEG, Robotics and Virtual Reality

Comani, Silvia ;   Schinaia, Lorenzo ;   Tamburro, Gabriella ;   Velluto, Lucia ;   Sorbi, Sandro ;   Conforto, Silvia ;   Guarnieri, Biancamaria

Tags Rehabilitation - Virtual realityRehabilitation - StrokeNeuromuscular systems - Learning and adaption

One post-stroke patient underwent neuro-motor rehabilitation of one upper limb with a novel system combining a passive robotic device, Virtual...

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Monitoring Game-Based Motor Rehabilitation of Patients at Home for Better Plans of Care and Quality of Life

Ponte, Serena ;   Gabrielli, Silvia ;   Jonsdottir, Johanna ;   Morando, Matteo ;   Dellepiane, Silvana

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeHuman performance - Activities of daily livingNeurological disorders

This paper describes the biomedical, remote monitoring infrastructure developed and currently tested in the EU REHAB@HOME project to...

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Pediatric Rehabilitation with the reachMAN's Modular Handle

Tong, Liu Zhu ;   Ong, Hian Tat ;   Tan, Jia Xuan ;   Lin, Jeremy ;   Burdet, Etienne ;   Ge, Shuzhi Sam ;   Teo, Chee Leong

Tags Rehabilitation - RoboticsMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsHuman performance - Activities of daily living

This paper presents the results of a preliminary study with one cerebral palsy child using the ReHaptic Handle, a novel robotic device for the...

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The Impact of Visual Feedback on the Motor Control of the Upper-Limb

Urra, Oiane ;   Casals, Alicia ;   Jané, Raimon

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsNeurological disorders - Stroke

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability with upper-limb hemiparesis being one of the most frequent consequences. Given that stroke only...

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