Beat-to-Beat Characterization of Cardiac Mechanics during Sleep

Di Rienzo, Marco ;   Lombardi, Prospero ;   Vaini, Emanuele ;   Parati, Gianfranco

Tags Cardiac muscle mechanicsCardiovascular signal processing

This pilot study aims to explore the beat-to-beat variability of indexes of cardiac mechanics during sleep. ECG and seismocardiogram were...

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Cyclic Alternating Pattern and Heart Rate Variability

Parrino, Liborio ;   Milioli, Giulia ;   Riccardi, Silvia ;   Puligheddu, Monica ;   Mendez, Martin Oswaldo

Tags heart rate variability, cardiovascular consequences of sleep disorders

Cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) is the EEG marker of unstable sleep. CAP is not confined only to the cerebral activities but reverberates...

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Hypertension and Sleep

Parati, Gianfranco ;   Di Rienzo, Marco ;   Mattaliano, Paola ;   Mariani, Davide ;   Lombardi, Carolina

Tags Cardiovascular consequences of sleep disordersArterial pressureBlood pressure regulation and variability

Peculiar physiological cardiovascular and respiratory changes occur during the sleep-wake cycle. These phenomena may be disrupted in several...

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Recent Developments in Heart Rate Variability Analysis during Sleep

Bianchi, Anna Maria ;   Mendez, Martin Oswaldo ;   Migliorini, Matteo

Tags Cardiovascular consequences of sleep disordersHeart rate variabilitySleep apnea

Heart rate variability (HRV) signal was recently proposed for sleep monitoring with applications to home recordings through innovative devices....

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