Advanced Microstructured Biomaterials Interfaced with Living Cells

Fujie, Toshinori

Tags Micro-and nano-bioroboticsNew technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanicsBiomimetic robotics

Integration of bio/hybrid systems into biomaterials function is a challenging topic for the development of advanced therapy and healthcare. To...

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Bio-Hybrid Actuators for Muscle-Powered Soft Robotics

Duffy, Rebecca ;   Feinberg, Adam

Tags Micro-and nano-bioroboticsBiomimetic roboticsBiologically inspired locomotion

Skeletal muscle tissue has evolved as the primary actuator for nearly all animals on the planet, demonstrating that it is an incredibly...

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Bio-Hybrid Cell-Based Chemical Sensors

Wang, Ping

Tags Micro-and nano-bioroboticsBiomimetic robotics

This paper introduces our research progresses in the field of bio-hybrid cell-based chemical sensors. Bio-hybrid cell-based chemical sensors...

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Microchannel Networking as Enabling Technology for Upscale Applications of Bio-Hybrid Systems

Lenardi, Cristina

Tags Biologically inspired locomotion

In this work we present a versatile sacrificial molding method for controlled fabrication of robust channelized architectures in large...

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