Biophysical Cues and Their Role in Tissue Morphogenesis

Shastri, V. Prasad

Tags Functional biomaterialsMechanical stimuli and mechanotransductionStem cells and tissue morphogenesis

Cells reside in an environment rich in macromolecules. Therefore, in addition to soluble signals cells are experience mechanical and topographical...

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Innovative Tendon Scaffold Design based on a Bioinstructive, Biomimetic, and Multiscale Approach

Banik, Brittany ;   Brown, Justin

Tags Fabrication of cell seeded scaffoldsStem cell nicheStem cells and tissue morphogenesis

Regenerative engineering integrates tissue engineering with nanotechnology, advanced biomaterials, stem cell science, and developmental biology...

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Tendon Regeneration – Biomimetic Scaffold, Stem Cells and Factors

James, Roshan

Tags Functional biomaterialsMicro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringSurface modification of biomaterials

Organ failure and tissue loss due to disease and injury is devastating to the patient and is a costly worldwide health care problem. The...

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