Closed Loop Neuromodulation in Cardiovascular Disease

Sunagawa, Kenji ;   Saku, Keita ;   Hosokawa, Kazuya ;   Oga, Yasuhiro

Tags Heart failureCardiovascular signal processingBaroreflex

Despite major progresses in medical science, heart failure remains the leading cause of death. Among heart failures, patients with preserved...

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Neurophysiology based Optimization of Stimulation Parameters for Cervical Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Hincapie, Juan Gabriel ;   Jason, Hamann ;   Ruble, Stephen

Tags Autonomic nervous system

This paper has been removed from the proceedings.

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Reasons for the Need of More Research in the Area of Device based Therapy in Resistant Hypertension

Tank, Jens ;   Heusser, Karsten ;   Jordan, Jens

Tags Arterial pressureBaroreflexAutonomic nervous system

Catheter based renal denervation and electrical carotid sinus stimulation have been introduced recently to treat selected hypertensive...

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