Biomedical Technology in Space: Results from the Futura Mission of the Italian Space Agency

Bertolotto, Delfina ;   Crisconio, Marino ;   Mascetti, Gabriele ;   Pignataro, Salvatore

Tags Wearable systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

Pursuing the ASI/NASA Memorandum of Understanding for the MPLM/PMM modules, the Italian Space Agency has access to the ISS utilization...

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Blind&Imagined: Sensori-Motor Mechanism Changes in Long-Term Lack of Gravity

Casellato, Claudia ;   Pedrocchi, Alessandra ;   Ferrigno, Giancarlo ;   Zago, Myrka ;   Gravano, Silvio ;   Lacquaniti, Francesco

Tags Physiological monitoring

Our study aims at investigating multisensory interaction mechanisms and biomechanical aspects of human spatially oriented behavior, both...

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Investigation of Cerebral Venous Outflow in Microgravity Conditions: The Drain Brain Project

Taibi, Angelo ;   Gadda, Giacomo ;   Gambaccini, Mauro ;   Menegatti, Erica ;   Pignataro, Salvatore ;   Sisini, Francesco ;   Zamboni, Paolo

Tags Physiological monitoringWearable systemsSmart textile and clothes

Drain Brain is a project that aims to develop a payload to be used by a crew member during an experiment on the ISS. The purpose of such...

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Wearable Monitoring: The Unobtrusive Investigation of Sleep Physiology in Microgravity by a Smart Garment

Di Rienzo, Marco ;   Lombardi, Prospero ;   Vaini, Emanuele ;   Parati, Gianfranco ;   Pignataro, Salvatore

Tags Smart textile and clothesWearable systemsPhysiological monitoring

— It is often reported that in space the sleep quality is poor. The origin of this phenomenon is still unclear. The Wearable Monitoring...

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