Abnormal Effective Connectivity and Psychopathological Symptoms in the Psychosis High-Risk State

Borgwardt, Stefan

Tags Brain image analysis

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Machine Learning Techniques Embodying Imaging, Psychopathological and Clinical Features for Classification of Pathologies

Castellani, Umberto

Tags Image classificationDiffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imaging

Advanced image acquisition methods provide very reliable and accurate information that is crucial to study the effect of a particular...

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Modulation of Hippocampal Glutamate in Response to Associative Learning: A Preliminary ¹H Functional MRS Study

Stanley, Jeffrey A. ;   Diwadkar, Vaibhav

Tags MR spectroscopyMR neuroimaging

BACKGROUND: Glutamate (Glu) is the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the hippocampus (HIP). Altered Glu neurotransmission is implicated in...

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