Association between Physical Activity and Blood Pressure through Objective Measurements: Results from Connected Devices

Chieh, Angela ;   Brouard, Benoit ;   Menai, Mehdi

Tags Body sensor networksElectronic health recordseHealth

There is today growing evidence that physical activity (PA) is associated with reduced risk of overweight, diabetes, and hypertension. At the...

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Casual Analysis between Blood Pressure and Influential Factors

Shiga, Toshikazu ;   Nakajima, Hiroshi

Tags Personal health systemsHealth information systemsWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

As for blood pressure (BP), it is important to analyze its variability on the relationship to causal factors and to specify the cause. This...

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Detection of Indiscernible Information from Daily Physiological Data Over a Long-Term Period

Chen, Wenxi ;   Tamura, Toshiyo

Tags Data miningTechnology and services for home carePersonalised health

This paper presents two examples to demonstrate applicability in detection of menstrual cycles using daily measurement of pulse rate (PR) and...

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Portable Health Clinic System for Adaptable Healthcare

Rebeiro-Hargrave, Andrew ;   Ahmed, Ashir ;   Emran, Addulla

Tags eHealthElectronic health recordsBody sensor networks

We present a compact and adaptable telehealth system that identifies subjects at risk from NonCommunicable diseases (NCD) and treats them...

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The use of Wearable Sensor and Large-Scale Health Data for Understanding and Modeling Behaviors

Helander, Elina ;   Pietilä, Julia ;   Korhonen, Ilkka

Tags Personal/consumer health informaticsData miningPersonalised health

Behaviors predict significantly health outcomes. Wide-spread use or wearable and connected sensors and digital footprint enable unobtrusive...

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Toward Quantification of Mind Activity for Lifestyle Modification and Vital Control

Nakajima, Hiroshi ;   Shiga, Toshikazu

Tags Electronic health recordsPersonalised healthHealth information systems

The authors have been developing indices, criteria, and causalities for healthcare used in both a medical field and self-care. The quantified...

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