Automated Sleep Analysis

Achermann, Peter ;   Malafeev, Alexander ;   Skorucak, Jelena ;   Tarokh, Leila

Tags Cardiovascular consequences of sleep disorders

Automated sleep analysis can be based on simple quantitative analysis of EEG, EOG and EMG and provides a good overview of different vigilance...

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Nonintrusive Sleep Monitoring

Park, Kwang S. ;   Hwang, Suhwan ;   Jung, Dawoon ;   Yoon, Heenam

Tags Sleep apneaAutonomic nervous systemHeart rate variability

We established and tested nonintrusive sleep monitoring methods for estimation of sleep structure and sleep-related disorder based on the...

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Physiological Regulation during Sleep

Amici, Roberto

Tags Autonomic nervous system

A physiological definition of the different wake-sleep states is possible only through the assessment of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and...

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Probabilistic Models of Sleep Regulation based on EEG Signal Analysis

Dorffner, Georg ;   Aydemir, ├ľnder

Tags Sleep apneaCardiovascular consequences of sleep disordersSleep apnea therapy

This presentation reports about recent results on probabilistic sleep models based on electroencephalography (EEG). We conclude that such...

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