Early Illness Recognition using Frequent Motif Discovery

Hajihashemi, Zahra ;   Popescu, Mihail

Tags Assistive technology for the ageing populationGerontechnologyInnovations in active ageing

Living alone in their own residence, older adults are at risk for late assessment of physical or cognitive changes due to many factors such...

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Extraction of Facial Features as Indicators of Stress and Anxiety

Pediaditis, Matthew ;   Giannakakis, Giorgos ;   Chiarugi, Franco ;   Manousos, Dimitris ;   Pampouchidou, Anastasia ;   Christinaki, Eirini ;   Iatraki, Galateia ;   Kazantzaki, Eleni ;   Simos, Panagiotis ;   Marias, Kostas ;   Tsiknakis, Manolis

Tags Technologies for promoting health and wellbeing

Stress and anxiety heavily affect the human wellbeing and health. Under chronic stress, the human body and mind suffers by constantly...

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Preliminary Results of using Inertial Sensors to Detect Dementia-Related Wandering Patterns

Vuong, Nhu Khue ;   Chan, Syin ;   Lau, Chiew Tong ;   Chan, Yew Wei Stephen ;   Chen, SH Annabel ;   Yap, Philip

Tags GerontechnologyAssistive technology for the ageing population

In this paper, we present a solution for detection of dementia-related travel patterns using only inertial sensors. The results and lessons...

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Slightly Superior Performance of Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Over Single Frequency Regression Equations for Assessment of Total Body Water

Seoane, Fernando ;   Abtahi, Shirin ;   Abtahi, Farhad ;   EllegĂ„rd, Lars ;   Johannsson, Gudmundur ;   Ingvar, Bosaeus ;   Ward, Leigh C

Tags Assistive technology for the ageing populationTechnologies for promoting health and wellbeingGerontechnology

Electrical bioimpedance has been used for several decades to assess body fluid distribution and body composition by using single frequency...

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