Enhancing Professionalism among Engineering Students through Involvements in Technical Societies

Ghosh, Sreejita ;   Samineni, Anvesh ;   Mandal, Subhamoy ;   Murari, Bhaskar Mohan

Tags Career development in BMENovel approaches to BME educationBME undergraduate research

A student chapter can be considered to be a miniature enterprise; however without the latter’s major financial risks. Involvement in the...

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Walking Cycle Control for an Active Ankle Prosthesis with one Degree of Freedom Monitored from a Personal Computer

Guzhñay Cordero, Andrés Esteban ;   Calle Arévalo, Luis Alfredo ;   Zambrano Abad, Julio César

Tags BME undergraduate researchBME and global healthCareer development in BME

This paper proposes a fuzzy control algorithm for human walking cycle of an active ankle prosthesis for people who have suffered amputation...

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