3D Velocity Field Characterization of Prosthetic Heart Valve with Two Different Valve Testers by Means of Stereo-PIV

D'Avenio, Giuseppe ;   Grigioni, Mauro ;   Daniele, Carla ;   Morbiducci, Umberto ;   Hamilton, Kathrin

Tags Artificial heart and valves and TAVICardiovascular structure

Background: Prosthetic heart valves can be associated to mechanical loading of blood, potentially linked to complications (hemolysis and...

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A New Approach to Generate Arbitrary Pulsatile Pressure Wave Forms in Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems

Aghababaei, Amin ;   Hexamer, Martin

Tags Blood pressure regulation and variabilityCoronary blood flowArterial pressure

Pulsatile pressure/flow wave forms reproduction of blood in mechanical circulatory systems are still an open topic. Regarding the periodic...

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Bearing Gap Adjustment for Improvement of Levitation Performance in a Hydrodynamically Levitated Centrifugal Blood Pump

Kosaka, Ryo ;   Yoshida, Fumihiko ;   Nishida, Masahiro ;   Maruyama, Osamu ;   Kawaguchi, Yasuo ;   Yamane, Takashi

Tags Ventricular assist devicesVentricular mechanicsArtificial heart and valves and TAVI

The purpose of the present study is to investigate a bearing gap adjustment for improvement of levitation performance in a hydrodynamically...

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Design of Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves using Biaxial Test Data

Dabiri, Yaghoub ;   Paulson, Kent ;   Tyberg, John ;   Ronsky, Janet L. ;   Ali, Imtiaz ;   Di Martino, Elena ;   Narine, Kishan

Tags Artificial heart and valves and TAVICardiovascular system modelingCardiovascular structure

Bioprosthetic Aortic Valves (BAVs) do not have the serious limitations of mechanical aortic valves in terms of thrombosis. However, the...

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Effect of Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump on Coronary Blood Flow during Different Balloon Cycles Support: A Computer Study

Aye, Thin Pa Pa ;   Htet, Zwe Lin ;   Singhavilai, Thamvarit ;   Naiyanetr, Phornphop

Tags Cardiac modeling

Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) has been used in clinical treatment as a mechanical circulatory support device for patients with heart...

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Energy-Efficient Implantable Transmitter for Restenosis Monitoring with Intelligent-Stents

Rivas, David ;   Miguel, Jose A. ;   Lechuga, Yolanda ;   Allende, Miguel A. ;   Martinez, Mar

Tags HRV and blood pressure monitoringCardiovascular signal processingCoronary artery disease

An analog circuit forming part of an intelligent-stent system is proposed with the aim of converting pressure-related capacitance...

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Hemodynamic Performance of Edwards Intuity Valve in a Compliant Aortic Root Model

Jahren, Silje Ekroll ;   Heinisch, Paul Philipp ;   Wirz, Jessica ;   Winkler, Bernhard Michael ;   Carrel, Thierry ;   Obrist, Dominik

Tags Artificial heart and valves and TAVICardiovascular system modelingHemodynamics

Numerous designs of bioprosthetic valves exist. The sutureless surgical valve is a newer design concept which combines elements of the...

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Hemodynamics during Rotary Blood Pump Support with Speed Synchronization in Heart Failure Condition: A Modelling Study

Htet, Zwe Lin ;   Aye, Thin Pa Pa ;   Singhavilai, Thamvarit ;   Naiyanetr, Phornphop

Tags Cardiovascular system modeling

The aim of this work is to study the hemodynamic changes in the cardiovascular system under different modes of Rotary Blood Pump (RBP)...

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Oscillometric Measurement of Arterial Pulse Pressure for Patients Supported by a Rotary Blood Pump

Yu, Yih-Choung ;   Peterson, Anna

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingVentricular assist devicesCardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

A computer model has been developed to evaluate the accuracy of an oscillometric method to measure the arterial pulse pressure from a...

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