A Knitted Garment using Intarsia Technique for Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback: Evaluation of Initial Prototype

Abtahi, Farhad ;   Ji, Guangchao ;   Lu, Ke ;   Rödby, Kristian ;   Seoane, Fernando

Tags Wearable systemsSmart textile and clothesWireless sensors and systems

Heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback is a method based on paced breathing at specific rate called resonance frequency by giving online...

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A Magnetometer-Free Indoor Human Localization based on Loosely Coupled IMU/UWB Fusion

Zihajehzadeh, Shaghayegh ;   Yoon, Paul K. ;   Park, Edward J.

Tags Wearable systems

The magnetic distortions in indoor environment affects the accuracy of yaw angle estimation using magnetometer. Thus, the accuracy of indoor...

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Clinical Validation of LTMS-S: A Wearable System for Vital Signs Monitoring

Chételat, Olivier ;   Ferrario, Damien ;   Proença, Martin ;   Porchet, Jacques-André ;   Falhi, Abdessamad ;   Grossenbacher, Olivier ;   Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard ;   Della Ricca, Nicolas ;   Sartori, Claudio

Tags Wearable systemsPhysiological monitoringNew sensing techniques

LTMS-S is a new wearable system for the monitoring of several physiological signals – including a two-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) – and...

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Flexible and Self-Adaptive Neural Ribbon with Three-Dimensional Electrodes for Sciatic Nerve Recording

Xiang, Zhuolin ;   Yen, Shih-Cheng ;   Sheshadri, Swathi ;   Xue, Ning ;   LEE, Sanghoon ;   Wang, Jiahui ;   Thakor, Nitish ;   Chengkuo, Lee

Tags Implantable sensorsProsthetic devicesBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

Various peripheral nerve interfaces have been developed in the last decades and transferred into neuroscientific researches or clinical...

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Objective Evaluation of Oral Presentation Skills using Inertial Measurement Units

Sessa, Salvatore ;   Kong, Weisheng ;   Zhang, Di ;   Cosentino, Sarah ;   Manawadu, Udara ;   Kawasaki, Motoji ;   Thomas, George ;   Suzuki, Tomohiro ;   Tsumura, Ryosuke ;   Takanishi, Atsuo

Tags Integrated sensor systemsWireless sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

Oral presentation is considered as one of the most sought after skills by companies and professional organizations and program accreditation...

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Optimum Experimental Design Applied to MEMS Accelerometer Calibration for 9-Parameter Auto-Calibration Model

Ye, Lin ;   Su, Steven Weidong

Tags Wearable systemsPhysiological monitoringPortable miniaturized systems

Optimum Experimental Design (OED) is an information gathering technique used to estimate parameters, which aims to minimize the variance of...

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Performance Assessment of an RFID System for Automatic Surgical Sponge Detection in a Surgery Room

Dinis, Hugo ;   Zamith, Manuel ;   Mendes, Paulo M.

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsSmart textile and clothesLow power, wireless sensing methods

A retained surgical instrument is a frequent incident in medical surgery rooms all around the world, despite being considered an avoidable...

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Preliminary Methods for Wearable Neuro-Vasular Assessment with Non-Invasive, Active Sensing

Carek, Andrew ;   Töreyin, Hakan ;   Hersek, Sinan ;   Inan, Omer

Tags Wearable systemsNew sensing techniques

In this study, a non-invasive and active sensing scheme that is ultimately aimed to be integrated in a wearable system for neuro-vascular...

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Psychological Acute Stress Measurement using a Wireless Adhesive Biosensor

Selvaraj, Nandakumar

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoringNew sensing techniques

Stress management is essential in this modern civilization to maintain one’s stress level low and reduce health risks, since stress is one of...

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Pull Test Estimation in Parkinson's Disease Patients using Wearable Sensor Technology

Pasluosta, Cristian Federico ;   Barth, Jens ;   Gaßner, Heiko ;   Klucken, Jochen ;   Eskofier, Bjoern M

Tags Wearable systems

Postural instability is one of the main motor impairment of Parkinson’s disease (PD). The Pull Test is the most common clinical examination to...

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Sensors on Instrumented Socks for Detection of Lower Leg Edema – An in Vitro Study

Zhang, Song ;   Rajamani, Rajesh

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsWearable systemsIntegrated sensor systems

This paper presents the design, sensing principles and in vitro evaluation of a novel instrumented sock intended for prediction and prevention...

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Synchronization and Communication of Cooperative Sensors

Chételat, Olivier ;   Rapin, Michael ;   Meier, Christophe ;   Bischof, André ;   Augustyniak, Marcin Kamil

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsWearable systems

Cooperative sensors are an emerging technology consisting of autonomous sensor units working in concert to measure physiological signals...

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Towards the Development of a Wearable Electrical Impedance Tomography System: A Study about the Suitability of a Low Power Bioimpedance Front-End

Menolotto, Matteo ;   Rossi, Stefano ;   Dario, Paolo ;   Della Torre, Luigi

Tags Wearable systemsLow power, wireless sensing methodsPhysiological monitoring

Wearable systems for remote monitoring of physiological parameter are ready to evolve towards wearable imaging systems. The Electrical...

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