A Clustering based Method for Collagen Proportional Area Extraction in Liver Biopsy Images

Giannakeas, Nikolaos ;   Tsipouras, Markos G. ;   Tzallas, Alexandros ;   Kyriakidi, Kalliroi ;   E. Tsianou, Zoe ;   Manousou, Pinelopi ;   Hall, Andrew ;   Karvounis, Evaggelos ;   Tsianos, Vasileios ;   Tsianos, Epameinondas

Tags Image segmentationOptical imagingImage feature extraction

Collagen Proportional Area (CPA) extraction using digital image analysis (DIA) in liver biopsies provides an effective way to estimate the liver...

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A DBSCAN based Approach for Jointly Segment and Classify Brain MR Images

Baselice, Fabio ;   Coppolino, Luigi ;   D'Antonio, Salvatore ;   Ferraioli, Giampaolo ;   Sgaglione, Luigi

Tags Image segmentationImage classificationImage feature extraction

In recent years a growing interest has grown in Magnetic Resonance images segmentation techniques, due to their usefulness in many...

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A Fast Atlas Pre-Selection for Multi-Atlas based Brain Segmentation

Ma, Jingbo ;   Ma, Heather Ting ;   Li, Hengtong ;   Ye, Chenfei ;   Wu, Dan ;   Tang, Xiaoying ;   Miller, Michael ;   Mori, Susumu

Tags MR neuroimagingImage segmentationBrain image analysis

Multi-atlas based MRI image segmentation has been recognized as a quantitative analysis approach for brain. For such purpose, atlas databases...

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A Fully Automated Level-Set based Segmentation Method of Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebral Bodies in Computed Tomography Images

Ruiz-España, Silvia ;   Díaz-Parra, Antonio ;   Arana, Estanislao ;   Moratal, David

Tags Image segmentationX-ray CTX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

Spine is a structure commonly involved in several diseases. Identification and segmentation of the vertebral structures are of relevance to...

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A Multiparametric and Multiscale Approach to Automated Segmentation of Brain Veins

Monti, Serena ;   Palma, Giuseppe ;   Borrelli, Pasquale ;   Tedeschi, Enrico ;   Cocozza, Sirio ;   Salvatore, Marco ;   Mancini, Marcello

Tags Image segmentationMultiscale analysisMultivariate image analysis

Cerebral vein analysis provides a fundamental tool to study brain diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders or traumatic brain injuries. In...

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Accurate Kidney Surface Reconstruction from 3D Ultrasonography for Volume Assessment: First Clinical Evaluation

Li, Zhi-Cheng ;   Li, Kai ;   Ken, Chen ;   Xie, Yaoqin

Tags Image segmentationDeformable image registration

An accurate, repeatable and noninvasive measurement of kidney volume is an important but difficult task for nephrologists. This paper...

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Active Contour Segmentation using Level Set Function with Enhanced Image from Prior Intensity

Kim, Sunhee ;   Kim, Youngjun ;   Lee, Deukhee ;   Park, Sehyung

Tags Image enhancementImage segmentation

This paper presents a new active contour segmentation model using a level set function that can correctly capture both the strong and the...

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Automated Colour Identification in Melanocytic Lesions

Sabbaghi Mahmouei, Sahar ;   Aldeen, Mohammad ;   Garnavi, Rahil ;   Varigos, George ;   Constantinos, Dolianitis ;   Nicolopoulos, Jenny

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionImage classification

Colour information plays an important role in classifying skin lesion. However, colour identification by dermatologists can be very subjective,...

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Automated Saliency-Based Lesion Segmentation in Dermoscopic Images

Ahn, Euijoon ;   BI, LEI ;   Jung, Younhyun ;   Kim, Jinman ;   Li, Changyang ;   Fulham, Michael ;   Feng, Dagan

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extraction

The segmentation of skin lesions in dermoscopic images is considered as one of the most important steps in computer-aided diagnosis (CAD)...

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Automatic Detection of Small Bowel Tumors in Endoscopic Capsule Images by ROI Selection based on Discarded Lightness Information

Vieira, Pedro Miguel ;   Ramos, Jaime ;   Lima, Carlos Manuel Gregorio Santos

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionOptical imaging

This paper addresses the problem of automatic detection of tumoral frames in endoscopic capsule videos by using features directly extracted...

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Automatic Segmentation of Nerve Structures in Ultrasound Images using Graph Cuts and Gaussian Processes

Gil González, Julián ;   Alvarez, Mauricio A. ;   Orozco, Alvaro

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionDoppler ultrasonic imaging

Peripheral Nerve Blocking (PNB), is a procedure used for performing regional anesthesia, that comprises the administration of anesthetic in...

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Brain Tumour Segmentation based on Extremely Randomized Forest with High-Level Features

Pinto, Adriano ;   Pereira, Sérgio Rafael Mano ;   Correia, Higino ;   Oliveira, Jorge ;   Rasteiro, Deolinda ;   Silva, Carlos Alberto Batista

Tags Image segmentationMR neuroimaging

Gliomas are among the most common and aggressive brain tumours. Segmentation of these tumours is important for surgery and treatment...

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Colon Centerline Extraction in Fragmented Segmentations

Krishnan, Karthik ;   Madrosiya, Akshay ;   Desai, Nasir

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionImage visualization

In virtual colonoscopy, the clinical need is a smooth centered path from the rectum to the cecum, for interactive navigation along the colonic...

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Colorectal Polyp Segmentation using Front Propagation on Surfaces Guided by Shape

Krishnan, Karthik ;   Soniwal, Yogesh ;   Madrosiya, Akshay ;   Desai, Nasir

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionMultiscale analysis

Polyp size is a biomarker of colon cancer. Manual size measurements are subject to a variety of sources of error. We present an automatic...

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Computer Aided Analysis of Prostate Histopathology Images Gleason Grading Especially for Gleason Score 7

Ren, Jian ;   Sadimin, Evita ;   Wang, Daihou ;   Epstein, Jonathan ;   Foran, David J. ;   Qi, Xin

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extraction

Clinically, prostate adenocarcinoma is diagnosed by recognizing certain morphology on histology. While the Gleason grading system has been...

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Correction Tool for Active Shape Model based Lumbar Muscle Segmentation

Valenzuela, Waldo ;   Ferguson, Stephen J. ;   Ignasiak, Dominika ;   Diserens, Gaelle ;   Vermathen, Peter ;   Boesch, Chris ;   Reyes, Mauricio

Tags Image segmentationImage visualizationMultivariate image analysis

In the clinical environment, accuracy and speed of the image segmentation process plays a key role in the analysis of pathological regions....

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CT Image Segmentation in Traumatic Brain Injury

Soroushmehr, S.M.Reza ;   Bafna, Abhishek ;   Schlosser, Steven ;   Ward, Kevin ;   Derksen, Harm ;   Najarian, Kayvan

Tags Image segmentationBrain image analysisImage enhancement

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability and death. Speed and accuracy are vital in diagnosing TBI for which computer-aided...

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Deep Neural Network and Random Forest Hybrid Architecture for Learning to Detect Retinal Vessels in Fundus Images

Maji, Debapriya ;   Santara, Anirban ;   Ghosh, Sambuddha ;   Sheet, Debdoot ;   Mitra, Pabitra

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionRetinal imaging

Vision impairment due to pathological damage of the retina can largely be prevented through periodic screening using fundus color imaging....

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Determination of Lung Regions on Chest CT Images with Diffuse Lung Diseases by use of Anatomical Structures and Pulmonary Textures

Karasawa, Kyohei ;   Kido, Shoji ;   Hirano, Yasushi ;   Kozuka, Kazuki

Tags Image segmentationImage classification

To analyze diffuse lung diseases based on chest region computed tomography (CT) imaging by using a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system, it...

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Echogenicity based Approach to Detect, Segment and Track the Common Carotid Artery in 2D Ultrasound Images

Subbarao, Nikhil Narayan ;   Marziliano, Pina

Tags Image segmentationImage classification

Automatic detection and segmentation of the common carotid artery in transverse ultrasound (US) images of the thyroid gland play a vital...

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Ensembling Brain Regions for Brain Decoding

Alkan, Sarper ;   Yarman Vural, Fatos

Tags Image segmentationMultivariate image analysisImage classification

In this study, we propose a new method which ensembles the brain regions for brain decoding. The ensemble is generated by clustering the fMRI...

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Epidermal Segmentation in High-Definition Optical Coherence Tomography

Li, Annan ;   Cheng, Jun ;   Yow, Ai Ping ;   Wall, Carolin ;   Wong, Damon ;   Tey, Hongliang ;   Liu, Jiang

Tags Image segmentationOptical coherence tomographyImage enhancement

Epidermis segmentation is a crucial step in many dermatological applications. Recently, high-definition optical coherence tomography (HD-OCT)...

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Estimation of Vocal Folds Plane in 3D CT Images for Diagnosis of Vocal Folds Abnormalities

Hewavitharanage, Sajini Ruwanthika Gintota ;   Gubbi, Jayavardhana ;   Thyagarajan, Dominic ;   Lau, Ken ;   Palaniswami, Marimuthu

Tags Image segmentationX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

Vocal folds are the key muscles required to produce human voice. People suffer from various vocal folds disorders seriously affecting the...

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Facial Nerve Image Enhancement from CBCT using Supervised Learning Technique

Lu, Ping ;   Barazzetti, Livia ;   Chandran, Vimal ;   Gavaghan, Kate ;   Weber, Stefan ;   Gerber, Nicolas ;   Reyes, Mauricio

Tags Image enhancementImage feature extractionMicro-CT

Facial nerve segmentation plays an important role in surgical planning of cochlear implantation. Clinically available CBCT images are used for...

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Geometry-Independent Assessment of Renal Volume in Polycystic Kidney Disease from Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Turco, Dario ;   Severi, Stefano ;   Mignani, Renzo ;   Magistroni, Riccardo ;   Corsi, Cristiana

Tags Image segmentation

Total renal volume (TRV) is an important quantitative indicator of the progression of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)....

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Ground Truth Delineation for Medical Image Segmentation based on Local Consistency and Distribution Map Analysis

Cheng, Irene ;   Sun, Xinyao ;   Alsufyani, Noura ;   Xiong, Zhihui ;   Major, Paul ;   Basu, Anup

Tags Image segmentation

Computer-aided detection (CAD) systems are being increasingly deployed for medical applications in recent years with the goal to speed up...

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Hair Removal on Dermoscopy Images

Maglogiannis, Ilias ;   Delibasis, Konstantinos

Tags Image denoisingImage segmentationImage visualization

Digital Dermoscopy is a tool commonly used by dermatologists for assisting the diagnosis of skin lesions. The presence of hair in such...

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Image Processing in Biodosimetry: A Proposal of a Generic Free Software Platform

Dümpelmann, Matthias ;   da Matta, Mariel Cadena ;   Pereira de Lemos Pinto, Marcela Maria ;   Salazar e Fernandes, Thiago ;   da Silva, Edvane ;   Amaral, Ademir

Tags Image segmentationImage enhancementOptical imaging

The scoring of chromosome aberrations is the most reliable biological method for evaluating individual exposure to ionizing radiation. However,...

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Image Segmentation of Pyramid Style Identifier based on Support Vector Machine for Colorectal Endoscopic Images

Okamoto, Takumi ;   Koide, Tetsushi ;   Sugi, Koki ;   Shimizu, Tatsuya ;   Hoang, Anh-Tuan ;   Tamaki, Toru ;   Raytchev, Bisser ;   Kaneda, Kazufumi ;   Kominami, Yoko ;   Yoshida, Shigeto ;   Mieno, Hiroshi ;   Tanaka, Shinji

Tags Image segmentationImage classificationImage visualization

With the increase of colorectal cancer patients in recent years, the needs of quantitative evaluation of colorectal cancer are increased, and...

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Lossless Compression of Medical Images using Burrows-Wheeler Transformation with Inversion Coder

Preston, Collin ;   Arnavut, Ziya ;   Koc, Basar

Tags Image compression

Medical imaging is a quickly growing industry where the need for highly efficient lossless compression algorithms is necessary in order to...

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Minimum Mutual Information based Level Set Clustering Algorithm for Fast MRI Tissue Segmentation

Dai, Shuanglu ;   Man, Hong ;   Zhan, Shu

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRI

Accurate and accelerated MRI tissue recognition is a crucial pre-processing for real-time 3-d tissue modeling and medical diagnosis. This paper...

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Multi-Atlas Label Fusion using Hybrid of Discriminative and Generative Classifiers for Segmentation of Cardiac MR Images

Sedai, Suman ;   Garnavi, Rahil ;   Roy, Pallab ;   Liang, Xi

Tags Image segmentationCardiac imaging and image analysisRigid-body image registration

Multi-atlas segmentation first registers each atlas image to the target image and transfers the label of atlas image to the coordinate...

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Muscle Segmentation in Time Series Images of Drosophila Metamorphosis

Yadav, Kuleesha ;   Lin, Feng ;   Wasser, Martin

Tags Image segmentationConfocal microscopy

In order to study genes associated with muscular disorders, we characterize the phenotypic changes in Drosophila muscle cells during...

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Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Segmentation via HMRF-EM with Maximum Entropy

Huang, Kai-Wei ;   Zhao, Zhe-Yi ;   Gong, Qian ;   Zha, Juan ;   Chen, Liu ;   Yang, Ran

Tags Image segmentation

This paper presents a novel automatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma segmentation approach used in magnetic resonance images. Adaptive calculation...

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Peripheral Nerve Segmentation using Nonparametric Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering

Giraldo-Gutierrez, Juan José ;   Alvarez, Mauricio A. ;   Orozco, Alvaro

Tags Image segmentationUltrasonic interventional imagingImage enhancement

Several cases related to chronic pain, due to accidents, illness or surgical interventions, depend on anesthesiology procedures. These...

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Region of Interest Extraction for Lossless Compression of Bone X-Ray Images

Kazeminia, Salome ;   Karimi, Nader ;   Soroushmehr, S.M.Reza ;   Samavi, Shadrokh ;   Derksen, Harm ;   Najarian, Kayvan

Tags Image compressionImage segmentationX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

For few decades digital X-ray imaging has been one of the most important tools for medical diagnosis. With the advent of distance medicine...

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Segmentation of Acne Lesion using Fuzzy C-Means Technique with Intelligent Selection of the Desired Cluster

Khan, Javed ;   Malik, Aamir Saeed ;   Kamel, Nidal ;   Dass, Sarat ;   M. Affandi, Azura

Tags Image segmentation

Segmentation is the basic and important step for digital image analysis and understanding. Segmentation of acne lesions in the visual spectrum...

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Segmentation of Bones and MCP Joint Region of the Hand from Ultrasound Images

Sultan, Malik Saad ;   Martins, Nelson ;   Ferreira, Manuel ;   Coimbra, Miguel

Tags Image segmentationImage denoisingHigh-frequency ultrasound technology

Rheumatic arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes irreversible damage to joints and other physiological structures. The...

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Sparse High Order Potentials for Extending Multi-Surface Segmentation of OCT Images with Drusen

Oliveira, Jorge ;   Pereira, Sérgio Rafael Mano ;   Goncalves, Luís ;   Ferreira, Manuel Joao ;   Silva, Carlos Alberto Batista

Tags Image segmentationRetinal imagingOptical coherence tomography

Drusen quantification is important for evaluating age-related macular degeneration (AMD) progress. Most methods for retinal layers...

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Speckle Reduction based on Wiener Filter in Ultrasound Images

Baselice, Fabio ;   Ferraioli, Giampaolo ;   Johnsy, Angel Caroline ;   Schirinzi, Gilda ;   Pascazio, Vito

Tags Image denoisingImage filteringImage enhancement

In this manuscript, a technique for speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images is presented. The method exploits Wiener filter and is able to...

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