A Comparative Study for Chest Radiograph Image Retrieval using Binary, Texture and Deep Learning Classification

Anavi, Yaron ;   Greenspan, Hayit K. ;   Kogan, Ilya ;   Gelbart, Elad ;   Geva, Ofer

Tags Image retrievalX-ray radiographyX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

In this work various approaches are investigated for X-ray image retrieval and specifically chest pathology retrieval. Given a query image...

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A New Region Descriptor for Multi-Modal Medical Image Registration and Region Detection

Wan, Xiaonan ;   Yu, Dongdong ;   Yang, Feng ;   Yang, Caiyun ;   Leng, Chengcai ;   Xu, Min ;   Tian, Jie

Tags Deformable image registrationImage feature extractionMultimodal imaging

Establishing accurate anatomical correspondences plays a critical role in multi-modal medical image registration and region detection. Although...

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Atlas to Patient Registration with Brain Tumor based on a Mesh-Free Method

Boulanger, Pierre ;   Diaz, Idanis

Tags Deformable image registrationImage segmentationBrain image analysis

Brain atlas to patient registration in the presence of tumors is a challenging task because its presence cause brain structure deformations...

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Content-Based Image Retrieval in Homomorphic Encryption Domain

Bellafqira, Reda ;   Coatrieux, Gouenou ;   Bouslimi, Dalel ;   Quellec, Gwenole

Tags Image retrieval

In this paper, we propose a secure implementation of a content-based image retrieval (CBIR) method that makes possible diagnosis aid systems...

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Development of 2D+T Tracking Algorithm in Ultrasound Images for Radiotherapy

Abdouni, Abdenaceur ;   Presles, Benoît ;   Fargier-Voiron, Marie ;   Rit, Simon ;   Sarrut, David

Tags Deformable image registrationImage feature extraction

The aim of this study is to develop and validate a deformable tracking algorithm for monitoring the motion of the target volume on 2D...

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Finding Complete 3D Vertex Correspondence for Statistical Shape Modeling

Palmer, Robert Ieuan ;   Xie, Xianghua ;   Tam, Gary

Tags Deformable image registrationCardiac imaging and image analysis

A statistical shape model that accurately generalizes a family of 3D shapes requires establishing correspondences across the shapes. However...

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Markerless Registration for Image-Guided Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

Jung, Young-gi ;   Kim, Myeongjin ;   Lee, Doo Yong

Tags Deformable image registrationRigid-body image registrationImage visualization

This paper proposes methods for markerless registration, which enable tracking pose of the endoscope camera in real time for implementation...

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Patient Specific Phantom in Bimodal Image Navigation System

Juszczyk, Jan ;   Pyciński, Bartłomiej ;   Pietka, Ewa

Tags Multimodal imagingRigid-body image registrationMultimodal image fusion

The paper presents the multistep methodology of bimodal Patient Specific Phantom (PSP) development. First, CT based abdominal digital model is...

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Regional Assessment of Lung Function using Thin-Plate Splines to Align Structural and Functional Imaging

Bennett, Michael John ;   Havelock, Tom ;   Bennett, Surussawadi ;   Conway, Joy ;   Fleming, John ;   Howarth, Peter

Tags PET and SPECT Imaging applicationsFunctional image analysisMultimodal image fusion

Ventilation / perfusion (VQ) Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) imaging provides 3D data of the regional distribution of...

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Registration of Lung CT Images Acquired in Different Respiratory Ranges with 4DCT and HRCT

Pennati, Francesca ;   Salito, Caterina ;   Aliverti, Andrea

Tags Deformable image registrationX-ray CTImage segmentation

Pulmonary image registration is challenging because of the unique structure of the lung, its high deformability and its non-uniform intensity...

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