An EEG Coherence-Based Analysis Approach for Investigating Response Conflict Processes in 7 and 9-Year Old Children

Almabruk, Tahani ;   Iyer, Kartik ;   Tan, Tele ;   Roberts, Gareth ;   Anderson, Mike

Tags Coherence in biomedical signal processingConnectivity measurements

Understanding the development of the brain’s neural networks can reveal critical insights into the cognitive changes that occur from infancy...

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Assessing Assumptions of Multivariate Linear Regression Framework Implemented for Directionality Analysis of FMRI

Dang, Shilpa ;   Chaudhury, Santanu ;   Lall, Brejesh ;   Roy, Prasun Kumar

Tags CausalityDirectionalityMultivariate signal processing

Directionality analysis of time-series, recorded from task-activated regions-of-interest (ROIs) during functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging...

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Assessing Small-Worldness of Dynamic Functional Brain Connectivity during Complex Tasks

Ren, Shen ;   Taya, Fumihiko ;   Sun, Yu ;   de Souza, Joshua ;   Thakor, Nitish ;   Bezerianos, Anastasios

Tags Connectivity measurementsPhase locking estimation in biosignal analysis

The development of network theory has introduced new approaches to understand the brain as a complex system. Currently the time-variant...

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Classification of Pregnancy and Labor Contractions using a Graph Theory based Analysis

Nader, Noujoud ;   Hassan, Mahmoud ;   El Falou, Wassim ;   Diab, Ahmad ;   Al-Omar, Sally ;   Khalil, Mohamad ;   Marque, Catherine

Tags Connectivity measurementsDirectionality

In this paper, we propose a new framework to characterize the electrohysterographic (EHG) signals recorded during pregnancy and labor. The...

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EEG Classification of Emotions using Emotion-Specific Brain Functional Network

Gonuguntla, Venkateswarlu ;   Shafiq, Ghufran ;   Wang, Yubo ;   Veluvolu, Kalyana C.

Tags Connectivity measurementsBiomedical signal classificationTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

The brain functional network perspective forms the basis to relate mechanisms of brain functions. This work analyzes the network mechanisms...

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Effect of Age on Changes in Motor Units Functional Connectivity

Poosapadi Arjunan, Sridhar ;   Kant Kumar, Dinesh

Tags Nonstationary processing of biomedical signalsSignal processing in physiological systemsBiomedical signal classification

With age, there is a change in functional connectivity of motor units in muscle. This leads to reduced muscle strength. This study has...

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Induced Schizophrenic Like Breathing Pattern Leads to Impaired Cardiorespiratory Coupling in Healthy Subjects

Schulz, Steffen ;   Haueisen, Jens ;   Bär, Karl-Jürgen ;   Voss, Andreas

Tags CausalityPartial and total coherenceSignal processing in physiological systems

Schizophrenia is referred to as one of the most severe mental disorders in the world, and patients with this condition are associated with...

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Kernel-Nonlinear-PDC Extends Partial Directed Coherence to Detecting Nonlinear Causal Coupling

Massaroppe, Lucas ;   Baccala, Luiz Antonio

Tags CausalityConnectivity measurementsDirectionality

Here we investigate a new concept, <i>kernel-nonlinear-Partial Directed Coherence</i>, whereby a kernel feature space representation of the...

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Long-Term Scalp Epileptic EEG Quantification with GMA Dynamics

Ji, Hong ;   Khodam Hazrati, Mehrnaz ;   Chen, Badong ;   Liu, Yonghong ;   Keil, Andreas ;   Principe, Jose

Tags Nonlinear dynamics in biomedical signalsConnectivity measurementsNonlinear coupling of biomedical signals

The paper concerns the problem of automatic seizure detection based on scalp EEG and proposes to employ the generalized measure of...

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Prediction of Motor Imagery based Brain Computer Interface Performance using a Reaction Time Test

Darvishi, Sam ;   Abbott, Derek ;   Baumert, Mathias

Tags Coherence in biomedical signal processingTime-frequency analysis of biosignals

Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) enable human brains to interact directly with machines. Motor imagery based BCI (MI-BCI) encodes the motor...

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