A Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifier with DC Suppression for Recording ENG Signals

Paraskevopoulou, Sivylla-Eleni ;   Eftekhar, Amir ;   Kulasekeram, Nishanth ;   Toumazou, Christofer

Tags Implantable sensorsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systemsMicro- and nano-technology

This paper presents an AC-coupled instrumentation amplifier for electroneurogram (ENG) activity recording. For this design, we evaluate gain...

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Electrically Induced Energy Transmission used for Implantable Medical Devices Deep Inside the Body: Measurement of Received Voltage in Consideration of Biological Effect

Shiba, Kenji

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologiesLow power, wireless sensing methods

We proposed an electrically induced energy transmission method for implantable medical devices deep inside the body. This method makes it...

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Experimenting with Microbial Fuel Cells for Powering Implanted Biomedical Devices

Roxby, Daniel Ninio ;   Tran, Nham ;   Yu, Pak-Lam ;   Nguyen, Hung T.

Tags Implantable technologiesImplantable systems

Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology has the ability to directly convert sugar into electricity by using bacteria. Such a technology could be...

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Piezoresistive Nanocomposite as an Embedded Stress Sensor in Instrumented Knee Prosthesis

Do, Quyen ;   O'Byrne, Sean ;   Perriman, Diana ;   Smith, Paul

Tags Implantable sensorsMicro- and nano-sensorsBioelectric sensing methods

We characterize the electrical properties of a biocompatible nanocomposite which will be used as a stress sensing material in an instrumented...

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Towards a Highly-Scalable Wireless Implantable System-on-a-Chip for Gastric Electrophysiology

Ibrahim, Ahmed ;   Farajidavar, Aydin ;   Kiani, Mehdi

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable sensorsWireless sensors and systems

This paper presents the system design of a highly-scalable system-on-a-chip (SoC) to wirelessly and chronically detect the mechanisms...

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Ultrasonic Beamforming System for Interrogating Multiple Implantable Sensors

Seo, Dongjin ;   Tang, Hao-Yen ;   Carmena, Jose M. ;   Rabaey, Jan M. ;   Alon, Elad ;   Boser, Bernhard ;   Maharbiz, Michel

Tags Acoustic sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systemsImplantable technologies

In this paper, we present an ultrasonic beamforming system capable of interrogating individual implantable motes via backscatter in a...

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