A New Parameter Computed with Independent Component Analysis to Predict Rectal Toxicity Following Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy

Fargeas, AurĂ©line ;   Ospina, Juan David ;   Kachenoura, Amar ;   Costet, Nathalie ;   Albera, Laurent ;   Lafond, Caroline ;   Acosta, Oscar ;   De Crevoisier, Renaud

Tags Image feature extraction

The main challenge in prostate cancer radiotherapy is to deliver the prescribed dose to the clinical target while minimizing the dose to the...

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An Automated Method for Detecting Architectural Distortions on Mammograms using Direction Analysis of Linear Structure

Matsubara, Tomoko ;   Ito, Akihiro ;   Tsunomori, Akinori ;   Hara, Takeshi ;   Muramatsu, Chisako ;   Endo, Tokiko ;   Fujita, Hiroshi

Tags Image feature extractionX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

Architectural distortion is one of the most important findings when evaluating mammograms for breast cancer. Abnormal breast architecture is...

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Automatic Polyp Detection: A Comparative Study

El Khatib, Alaa ;   Werghi, Naoufel ;   Al-Ahmad, Hussein

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

In this work we present a performance comparison between a set of different state-of-the-art image descriptors for the automatic...

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Exploring Automatic Prostate Histopathology Image Gleason Grading via Local Structure Modeling

Wang, Daihou ;   Foran, David J. ;   Ren, Jian ;   Zhong, Hua ;   Kim, Isaac Y. ;   Qi, Xin

Tags Image classification

Gleason-grading of prostate cancer pathology specimens reveal the malignancy of the cancer tissues, thus provides critical guidance for...

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Iris Melanoma Segmentation Applying Active Contour Model

Jaworek-Korjakowska, Joanna

Tags Multimodal imagingOptical imagingImage segmentation

This paper has been removed from the proceedings.

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Melanoma Detection Algorithm based on Feature Fusion

Barata, Catarina ;   Celebi, M. Emre ;   Marques, Jorge

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

A Computer Aided-Diagnosis (CAD) System for melanoma diagnosis usually makes use of different types of features to characterize the lesions....

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