A Lumped-Parameter Approach for Designing a Novel Pulsatile Bioreactor for Ex-Vivo Studies of Human Saphenous Vein Remodeling

Piola, Marco ;   Soncini, Monica ;   Pesce, Maurizio ;   Fiore, Gianfranco

Tags Bioreactor based translational tissue engineeringMechanical stimuli and mechanotransduction

After coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), the hemodynamic conditions experienced by the saphenous veins are similar to those...

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Chitosan Solutions as Injectable Systems for Dermal Filler Applications: Rheological Characterization and Biological Evidence

Halimi, Célia ;   Montembault, Alexandra ;   Guerry, Alexandre ;   Delair, Thierry ;   Viguier, Eric ;   Fulchiron, René ;   David, Laurent

Tags Patterning of biomatreialsInjectable scaffolds

Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide produced industrially by deacetylation of chitin which is commonly found in the exoskeleton of arthropods,...

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In-Vitro Assessment of Jurkat T-Cells Response to 1966 MHz Electromagnetic Fields in a GTEM Cell

Moraitis, Nektarios ;   Christopoulou, Maria ;   Nikita, Konstantina ;   Voulgaridou, Georgia-Persephoni ;   Anestopoulos, Ioannis ;   Panagiotidis, Mihalis ;   Pappa, Aglaia

Tags Electromagnetic field effects and cell membrane

This paper presents the experimental configuration and procedure as well as the in-vitro assessment of Jurkat T-cells response to 1966 MHz...

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Modeling and Simulation of Platelet Reaction and Diffusion towards an Electro-Stimulating Dental Implant

Delenda, Bachir ;   Bader, Rainer ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags GalvanotaxisOsseointegrationElectrical fields in tissue regeneration

Electrical stimulation (ES) has been used clinically to promote bone ingrowth on implant surface. The osseointegration of biomaterials in bone...

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Peroxidated Olive Oil Nanoemulsion for Cancer Targeted Therapy

Dellacasa, Elena ;   Pastorino, Laura ;   Scanarotti, Chiara ;   Vernazza, Stefania ;   Bassi, Anna Maria ;   Rolandi, Ranieri ;   Ruggiero, Carmelina

Tags Cell specific deliveryCell penetrating peptides in drug delivery

A reactive oxygen sprcie-mediated targeting system has been used to selectively kill cancer cells. Two different cell lines, normal and cancer...

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Producing 3D Neuronal Networks in Hydrogels for Living Bionic Device Interfaces

Aregueta-Robles, Ulises Alejandro ;   Lim, Khoon S. ;   Martens, Penny ;   Lovell, Nigel H. ;   Poole-Warren, Laura A. ;   Green, Rylie A.

Tags Functional biomaterialsFabrication of cell seeded scaffolds

Hydrogels hold significant promise for supporting cell based therapies in the field of bioelectrodes. It has been proposed that tissue...

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