FEM Numerical Model Study of Electrosurgical Dispersive Electrode Design Parameters

Pearce, John Anthony

Tags RF and microwave ablationSafetyClinical engineering

Electrosurgical dispersive electrodes must safely carry the surgical current in monopolar procedures, such as those used in cutting,...

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Internal Temperature Increase during Photothermal Tumour Ablation in Mice using Gold Nanorods

Mooney, Rachael ;   Schena, Emiliano ;   Aboody, Karen S ;   Berlin, Jacob M ;   Zhumkhawala, Ali

Tags Interstitial thermal therapyAblation

Laser ablation (LA) is gaining large acceptance in the treatment of tumor. One of the main risks of this treatment is damaging the healthy...

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Modeling Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) Application within a Realistic Human Head Model

Wenger, Cornelia ;   Salvador, Ricardo ;   Basser, Peter ;   Miranda, Pedro

Tags InnovationDesign and development

Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) are an anti-mitotic treatment against brain and other tumors. They are applied regionally and non-invasively...

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Multi-Pulse Laser Ablation Modeling with Applications to Automated Zona Removal

Wong, Christopher Yee ;   Mills, James

Tags AblationBiopsyClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologies

Laser zona drilling (LZD), the ablation of a portion of the zona pellucida (ZP) in embryos with the use of a laser, is a required step in many...

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Non-Invasive Measurement of the Temperature Rise in Tissue Surrounding a Kidney Stone Subjected to Ultrasonic Propulsion

Oweis, Ghanem F. ;   Dunmire, Barbrina ;   Cunitz, Bryan ;   Bailey, Michael

Tags Therapeutic ultrasoundHIFUAblation

Transcutaneous focused ultrasound (US) is used to propel kidney stones using acoustic radiation force. It is important to estimate the level...

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Robotized High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) System for Treatment of Mobile Organs using Motion Tracking by Ultrasound Imaging: An in Vitro Study

Chanel, Laure-Ana├»s ;   Nageotte, Florent ;   Vappou, Jonathan ;   Luo, Jianwen ;   Cuvillon, Loic ;   de Mathelin, Michel


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) therapy is a very promising method for ablation of solid tumors. However, intra-abdominal organ...

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