A Sensory Feedback System for Prosthetic Hand based on Evoked Tactile Sensation

Liu, Xiaoxuan ;   Chai, Guohong ;   Qu, Hongen ;   Lan, Ning

Tags RehabilitationNeural stimulationSensory neuroprostheses

The lack of reliable sensory feedback has been one of the barriers in prosthetic hand development. Restoring sensory function from...

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Linking Wheelchair Kinetics to Glenohumeral Joint Demand during Everyday Accessibility Activities

Holloway, Catherine ;   Symonds, Andrew ;   Suzuki, Tatsuto ;   Angela, Gall ;   Peter, Smitham ;   Taylor, Steve

Tags Rehabilitation - Mobility (wheelchair, driving, etc.)Rehabilitation - Spinal injuryHuman performance - Activities of daily living

The aim of the study was to investigate if push-rim kinetics could be used as markers of glenohumeral joint demand during manual wheelchair...

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Multivariate Outcomes in a Three Week Bimanual Self-Telerehabilitation with Error Augmentation Post-Stroke

Abdel Majeed, Yazan ;   Abdollahi, Farnaz ;   Patton, James (Jim)

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation - RoboticsRehabilitation - Virtual reality

We present the outcomes of a study on stroke patients in a 3-week intervention of bimanual self-telerehabilitation. This training is similar to...

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Quantifying Facial Paralysis using the Kinect V2

Gaber, Amira ;   Taher, Mona ;   Abdel Wahed, Manal

Tags RehabilitationRehabilitation - StrokeRehabilitation - Virtual reality

Assessment of facial paralysis (FP) and quantitative grading of facial asymmetry are essential in order to quantify the extent of the...

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Reliability of Phantom Pain Relief in Neurorehabilitation using a Multimodal Virtual Reality System

Sano, Yuko ;   Ichinose, Akimichi ;   Wake, Naoki ;   Osumi, Michihiro ;   Sumitani, Masahiko ;   Kumagaya, Shin-ichiro ;   Kuniyoshi, Yasuo

Tags Rehabilitation - Virtual realityRehabilitationBrain physiology and modeling

The objective of this study is to demonstrate the reliability of relief from phantom limb pain in neurorehabilitation using a multimodal virtual...

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Tuning of Robotic Therapy Controllers for Stroke Gait: Using Isometrically Constrained EMG Modular Structures

Tan, Andrew ;   Dhaher, Yasin

Tags Rehabilitation - StrokeNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsNeuromuscular systems - Locomotion

The development of EMG based controllers for automated gait orthosis is a promising intervention for post-stroke gait rehabilitation and...

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