3-Dimensional Throat Region Segmentation from MRI Data based on Fourier Interpolation and 3-Dimensional Level Set Methods

Campbell, Sean ;   Doshi, Trushali ;   Soraghan, John J ;   Petropoulakis, Lykourgos ;   Di Caterina, Gaetano ;   Grose, Derek ;   MacKenzie, Kenneth

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIImage enhancementImage segmentation

A new algorithm for 3D throat region segmentation from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is presented. The proposed algorithm initially...

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A Custom Grow-Cut based Scheme for 2D-Gel Image Segmentation

Kostopoulou, Eirini ;   Katsigiannis, Stamos ;   Maroulis, Dimitris

Tags Image segmentationAlgorithms and computational tools for proteomics

This work introduces a novel method for the detection and segmentation of protein spots in 2D-gel images. A multi-thresholding approach is...

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A Unified Framework for Automatic Wound Segmentation and Analysis with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Wang, Changhan ;   Yan, Xinchen ;   Smith, Max ;   Kochhar, Kanika ;   Rubin, Marcie ;   Warren, Stephen M ;   Wrobel, James ;   Lee, Honglak

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionImage classification

Wound surface area changes over multiple weeks are highly predictive of the wound healing process. Furthermore, the quality and quantity of...

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Automatic Segmentation of Lymph Vessel Wall using Optimal Surface Graph Cut and Hidden Markov Models

Jones, Jonathan-Lee ;   Essa, Ehab ;   Xie, Xianghua

Tags Confocal microscopyImage segmentationImage feature extraction

In this paper we present a method to segment the walls of Lymphatic vessels. These are small thin walled vessels that can be compromised in a...

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RFA-Cut: Semi-Automatic Segmentation of Radiofrequency Ablation Zones via Optimal S-T-Cuts

Egger, Jan ;   Busse, Harald ;   Brandmaier, Philipp ;   Seider, Daniel ;   Gawlitza, Matthias ;   Strocka, Steffen ;   Voglreiter, Philip ;   Dokter, Mark ;   Hofmann, Michael ;   Kainz, Bernhard ;   Chen, Xiaojun ;   Hann, Alexander ;   Boechat, Pedro ;   Yu, Wei ;   Freisleben, Bernd ;   Alhonnoro, Tuomas ;   Pollari, Mika ;   Moche, Michael ;   Schmalstieg, Dieter

Tags Image segmentationX-ray CTImage visualization

In this contribution, we present a semi-automatic segmentation algorithm for radiofrequency ablation (RFA) zones via optimal s-t-cuts. Our...

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Unsupervised Detection of Liver Lesions in CT Images

Afifi, Ahmed ;   Nakaguchi, Toshiya

Tags X-ray CTImage segmentation

This work presents an automatic approach for liver lesions detection in CT images. In this approach, liver is first segmented using fast and...

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