Classification of Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy using Long Term Heart Rate Variability based Features

Ahmed, Rehan ;   Temko, Andriy ;   Marnane, Liam ;   Boylan, Geraldine ;   Lightbody, Gordon

Tags Biomedical signal classificationData mining in biosignalsPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignals

Hypoxic-ischemic HI injury at the time of birth could lead to severe neurological dysfunction at an older age. Therapeutic hypothermia can be...

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Exploratory Analysis of Associations between Individual Lifestyles and Heart Rate Variability -Based Recovery during Sleep

Pietilä, Julia ;   Helander, Elina ;   Myllymäki, Tero ;   Korhonen, Ilkka ;   Jimison, Holly ;   Pavel, Misha

Tags Data mining in biosignals

Sleep is the most important period for recovering from daily stress and load. Assessment of the stress recovery during sleep is therefore,...

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Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Classification from Trajectory in Sparse SVM Feature Space

Spilka, Jiri ;   Frecon, Jordan ;   Leonarduzzi, Roberto Fabio ;   Pustelnik, Nelly ;   Abry, Patrice ;   Doret, Muriel

Tags Biomedical signal classificationTime-scale and wavelets

Intrapartum fetal heart rate (FHR) constitutes a prominent source of information for the assessment of fetal reactions to stress events...

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MICROST: A Mixed Approach for Heart Rate Monitoring during Intensive Physical Exercise using Wrist-Type PPG Signals

Zhu, Shilin ;   Tan, Ke ;   Zhang, Xinyu ;   Liu, Zhiqiang ;   Liu, Bin

Tags Data mining in biosignalsNonstationary processing of biomedical signalsSignal processing in physiological systems

The performance of heart rate (HR) monitoring using wrist-type photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals is strongly influenced by motion...

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Psychophysiology of Disgust: ECG Noise Entropy as a Biomarker

Bras, Susana ;   Ferreira, Jacqueline ;   Soares, Sandra ;   F. Silva, Carlos

Tags Data mining in biosignalsPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignals

The identification or classification of emotions allows the description of the person’s state and, therefore, the inference of their...

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Time-Dependent Sleep Stage Transition Model based on Heart Rate Variability

Takeda, Toki ;   Mizuno, Osamu ;   Tanaka, Tomohiro

Tags Data mining in biosignalsBiomedical signal classificationSignal processing in physiological systems

A new model is proposed to automatically classify sleep stages using heart rate variability (HRV). The generative model, based on the...

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