A Wireless Patch for Sleep Respiratory Disorders Applications

Gerbelot, Rémi ;   Koenig, Anne ;   Goyer, Cedric ;   Willemin, Jérome ;   Desir, Chesner ;   Porcherot, Jean ;   Haby, Sylla Kane ;   Guillemaud, Regis ;   Borel, Jean Christian ;   Jallon, Pierre

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsWearable systemsPhysiological monitoring

This paper presents a conformable wireless patch and its mobile application for physical activity, spO2 and pCO2 recording associated to...

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Developing an Online Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential-Based Brain-Computer Interface System using EarEEG

Wang, Yu-Te ;   Nakanishi, Masaki ;   Lind Kappel, Simon ;   Kidmose, Preben ;   Mandic, Danilo ;   Wang, Yijun ;   Cheng, Chung-Kuan ;   Jung, Tzyy-Ping

Tags Wearable systems

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate an online steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based BCI system using EarEEG. EarEEG is...

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Development of an Eyewear to Measure Eye and Body Movements

Kanoh, Shin'ichiro ;   Ichi-nohe, Susumu ;   Shioya, Shunsuke ;   Inoue, Kazutaka ;   Kawashima, Ryuta

Tags Wearable systemsWireless sensors and systemsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

To enable precise detection of mental and physical states of users in a daily life, we have been developing an eyewear to measure eye and...

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Energy-Aware Embedded Classifier Design for Real-Time Emotion Analysis

Padmanabhan, Manoj ;   Murali, Srinivasan ;   Rincón, Francisco ;   Atienza, David

Tags Wearable systemsPhysiological monitoringIntegrated sensor systems

Detection and classification of human emotions from multiple bio-signals has a wide variety of applications. Though electronic devices are...

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On the Tridimensional Estimation of the Gaze Point by a Stereoscopic Wearable Eye Tracker

Lanata', Antonio ;   Greco, Alberto ;   Valenza, Gaetano ;   Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale

Tags Wearable systems

This paper reports a novel stereo-vision-method (binocular system-geometrical mapped (BS-GM)) to estimate the depth coordinates of the eye...

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Performance Evaluation of Power Transmission Coils for Powering Endoscopic Wireless Capsules

Basar, Md.Rubel ;   Ahmad, Mohd Yazed ;   Cho, Jongman ;   Ibrahim, Fatimah

Tags Wearable systemsImplantable systemsMagnetic sensors and systems

This paper presents an analysis of H-field generated by a simple solenoid, pair of solenoids, pair of double-layer solenoids, segmented-solenoid,...

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