A Programmable Low Power Current Source for Bioimpedance Measurement: Towards a Wearable Personalized Health Assistant

Hamed, Zaid ;   Tenhunen, Hannu ;   Yang, Geng

Tags Personal health systemsPersonalised healthPersonal/consumer health informatics

Bioimpedance is a noninvasive measurement method that facilitates body composition analysis, besides being indicative of many other health...

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Automatic Detection, Extraction and Analysis of Unrestrained Gait using a Wearable Sensor System

Ahmadi, Amin ;   Richter, Chris ;   O'Connor, Noel ;   Moran, Kieran

Tags Body sensor networksMobile health

Within this paper we demonstrate the effectiveness of a novel body-worn gait monitoring and analysis framework to both accurately and...

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Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Belt System using Accelerometer

Liu, Botong ;   Wang, Duo ;   li, sha ;   Nie, Xuhui ;   Xu, Shan ;   Jiao, Bingli ;   Duan, Xiaohui ;   Huang, Anpeng

Tags Body sensor networksPersonal health systemsMobile health

Activity monitor systems are increasing used recently. They are important for athletes and casual users to manage physical activity during...

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Motion Artifact Cancellation and Outlier Rejection for Clip-Type PPG-Based Heart Rate Sensor

Shimazaki, Takunori ;   Hara, Shinsuke ;   Okuhata, Hiroyuki ;   Nakamura, Hajime ;   Kawabata, Takashi

Tags Mobile healtheHealthBody sensor networks

Heart rate sensing can be used to not only understand exercise intensity but also detect life-critical condition during sports activities. To...

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