Automated Fiducial Point Selection for Reducing Registration Error in the Co-Localisation of Left Atrium Electroanatomic and Imaging Data

Ali, Rheeda ;   Cantwell, Chris ;   Qureshi, Norman ;   Roney, Caroline ;   Lim, Phang Boon ;   Sherwin, Spencer ;   Siggers, Jennifer ;   Peters, Nicholas

Tags Rigid-body image registrationDeformable image registrationCardiac imaging and image analysis

Registration of electroanatomic surfaces and segmented images for the co-localisation of structural and functional data typically requires...

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Automatic Mitral Annulus Tracking in Volumetric Ultrasound using Non-Rigid Image Registration

De Veene, Henri ;   Bertrand, Philippe ;   Popovic, Natasa ;   Vandervoort, Pieter ;   Claus, Piet ;   De Beule, Matthieu ;   Heyde, Brecht

Tags Deformable image registrationCardiac imaging and image analysisUltrasonic cardiac imaging

Analysis of mitral annular dynamics plays an important role in the diagnosis and selection of optimal valve repair strategies, but remains...

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Image Registration Robust to Sparse Large Errors

Liu, Jing ;   Chuang, Marian ;   Chisholm, Andrew ;   Cosman, Pamela

Tags Rigid-body image registration

Registration is difficult when images to be registered contain sparse but large-valued differences. We present a method for robust...

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Non-Rigid Registration of Cervical Spine MRI Volumes

Aktar, Mst. Nargis ;   Alam, Md. Jahangir ;   Pickering, Mark ;   Webb, Alexandra ;   Perriman, Diana

Tags Deformable image registrationMultimodal imaging

Whiplash is the colloquial term for neck injuries caused by sudden extension of the cervical spine. Patients with chronic whiplash associated...

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Optical Flow with Structure Information for Epithelial Image Mosaicing

Ali, Sharib ;   Faraz, Khuram ;   Daul, Christian ;   Blondel, Walter

Tags Rigid-body image registrationImage visualization

Mosaicing of biological tissue surfaces is challenging due to the weak image textures. This contribution presents a mosaicing algorithm based...

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Registration of Coronary Arteries in Computed Tomography Angiography Images using Hidden Markov Model

Luo, Yuxuan ;   Feng, Jianjiang ;   Xu, Miao ;   Zhou, Jie ;   Min, James ;   Xiong, Guanglei

Tags Deformable image registrationCardiac imaging and image analysis

Computed tomography angiography (CTA) allows for not only diagnosis of coronary artery disease (CAD) with high spatial resolution but also...

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