Artifact Removal Algorithms for Stroke Detection using a Multistatic MIST Beamforming Algorithm

Ricci, Elisa ;   Di Domenico, Simone ;   Cianca, Ernestina ;   Rossi, Tommaso

Tags Adaptive filteringTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsParametric filtering and estimation

Microwave imaging (MWI) has been recently proved as a promising imaging modality for low-complexity, low-cost and fast brain imaging tools,...

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Automatic Detection and Removal of Muscle Artifacts from Scalp EEG Recordings in Patients with Epilepsy

Anastasiadou, Maria ;   Christodoulakis, Manolis ;   Papathanasiou, Eleftherios S. ;   Papacostas, Savvas S. ;   Mitsis, Georgios D.

Tags Blind source separationTime-scale and waveletsBiomedical signal classification

Automatic detection and removal of muscle artifacts plays an important role in long-term scalp electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring, and...

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Automatic Identification of Artifacts in Electrodermal Activity Data

Taylor, Sara ;   Jaques, Natasha ;   Chen, Weixuan ;   Fedor, Szymon ;   Sano, Akane ;   Picard, Rosalind

Tags Biomedical signal classificationNeural networks in biosignal processing and classificationTime-scale and wavelets

Recently, wearable devices have allowed for long term, ambulatory measurement of electrodermal activity (EDA). Despite the fact that...

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Comparison of Three ICA Algorithms for Ocular Artifact Removal from TMS-EEG Recordings

Lyzhko, Ekaterina ;   Hamid, Laith ;   Makhortykh, Sergey ;   Moliadze, Vera ;   Siniatchkin, Michael

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsBlind source separationIndependent component analysis

The combination of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electroencephalography (EEG) is a powerful tool to investigate brain...

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Extending the Automated Gastrointestinal Analysis Pipeline: Removal of Invalid Slow Wave Marks in Gastric Serosal Recordings

Paskaranandavadivel, Niranchan ;   Du, Peng ;   Erickson, Jon ;   O'Grady, Gregory ;   Cheng, Leo K

Tags Multivariate signal processingSignal processing in physiological systemsSignals and systems

Gastric contractions are governed by a bio-electrical event known as slow waves. High-resolution electrical mapping has recently been applied...

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Investigating Effects of Different Artefact Types on Motor Imagery BCI

Frølich, Laura ;   Winkler, Irene ;   Müller, Klaus-Robert ;   Samek, Wojciech

Tags Biomedical signal classificationPattern recognition methods for data mining in biosignalsIndependent component analysis

Artefacts in recordings of the electroencephalogram (EEG) are a common problem in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). Artefacts make it...

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