Accelerometer Body Sensor Network Improves Systolic Time Interval Assessment with Wearable Ballistocardiography

Wiens, Andrew ;   Inan, Omer

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsMechanical sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

Systolic time intervals (STI) are non-invasive measures of cardiac function. Due to the fact that STI can be measured noninvasively outside...

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Human Body and Head Characteristics as a Communication Medium for Body Area Network

Kifle, Yonatan ;   Kim, Hun-Seok ;   Yoo, Jerald

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsWearable systems

An in-depth investigation of the Body Channel Communication (BCC) under the environment set according to the IEEE 802.15.6 Body Area Network...

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Magnetic Human Body Communication

Park, Jiwoong ;   Mercier, Patrick P.

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsLow power, wireless sensing methodsWearable systems

This paper presents a new human body communication (HBC) technique that employs magnetic resonance for data transfer in wireless body-area...

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Periodic Leg Movement (PLM) Monitoring using a Distributed Body Sensor Network

Madhushri, Priyanka ;   Ahmed, Beena ;   Penzel, Thomas ;   Jovanov, Emil

Tags Physiological monitoringBody sensor networks and telemetric systemsWireless sensors and systems

Wireless sensors networks represent the architecture of choice for distributed monitoring due to the ease of deployment and configuration....

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Smart Helmet: Monitoring Brain, Cardiac and Respiratory Activity

von Rosenberg, Wilhelm ;   Chanwimalueang, Theerasak ;   Goverdovsky, Valentin ;   Mandic, Danilo

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsIntegrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoring

The timing of the assessment of the injuries following a road-traffic accident involving motorcyclists is absolutely crucial, particularly in the...

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Smart Photoplethysmographic Sensor for Pulse Wave Registration at Different Vascular Depths

Leier, Mairo ;   Pilt, Kristjan ;   Karai, Deniss ;   Jervan, Gert

Tags Optical and photonic sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systems

The aim of this paper is to propose a smart optical sensor for cardiovascular activity monitoring at different tissue layers....

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