Arterial CO2 Effects Modulate Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Resting-State FMRI

Nikolaou, Foivia ;   Orphanidou, Christina ;   Wise, Richard G. ;   Mitsis, Georgios D.

Tags Brain image analysis

It is well known that the blood-oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signal measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is influenced -...

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Effects of Acute Electromagnetic Fields Exposure on the Interhemispheric Homotopic Functional Connectivity during Resting State

Lv, Bin ;   Shao, Qing ;   Chen, Zhiye ;   Ma, Lin ;   Wu, Tongning

Tags Functional image analysisBrain image analysis

In this paper, we aimed to investigate the possible effects of acute radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the interhemispheric...

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Emergence of the Default-Mode Network from Resting-State to Activation-State in Reciprocal Social Interaction via Eye Contact

Lee, Ray

Tags Brain image analysisFunctional image analysis

The default-mode network has been identified as a resting state BOLD response that is often associated with self-referential or sensory...

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Evaluation of Performance to Detect Default Mode Network Among Some Algorithms Applied to Resting-State FMRI Data

Tachikawa, Kenta ;   Izawa, Shun ;   Ono, Yumie ;   Kuriki, Shinya ;   Ishiyama, Atsushi

Tags MR neuroimagingFunctional image analysis

Significant correlation exists in the blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) signals of resting-state fMRI across different regions in the brain....

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Independent Component versus Local Sparse Component Analysis in Resting State FMRI

Vieira, Gilson ;   Amaro, Edson ;   Sato, João Ricardo ;   Baccala, Luiz Antonio

Tags Functional image analysisMultiscale analysisMultivariate image analysis

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) algorithms are potentially powerful ways of localizing sources of cerebral activity in resting state...

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Object Categories Specific Brain Activity Classification with Simultaneous EEG-FMRI

Ahmad, Rana Fayyaz ;   Malik, Aamir Saeed ;   Kamel, Nidal ;   Reza, Faruque

Tags MR neuroimagingBrain image analysisMultimodal imaging

Any kind of visual information is encoded in terms of patterns of neural activity occurring inside the brain. Decoding neural patterns or its...

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