Algorithms for the Inference of Causality in Dynamic Processes: Application to Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Variability

Faes, Luca ;   Porta, Alberto ;   Nollo, Giandomenico

Tags CausalityMultivariate signal processingDirectionality

This study faces the problem of causal inference in multivariate dynamic processes, with specific regard to the detection of instantaneous...

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Assessing Cerebral Blood Flow Control from Variability in Blood Pressure and Arterial CO2 Levels

Nikolic, Dragana ;   Birch, Anthony Alan ;   Panerai, Ronney ;   Simpson, David Martin

Tags Multivariate signal processingParametric filtering and estimationSignal processing in physiological systems

Blood flow to the brain is controlled by a number of physiological mechanisms that respond to changes in arterial blood pressure, arterial CO2...

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Causal Coherence Analysis of Cardiovascular Variables in Obese Preadolescents and Adolescents

Javorka, Michal ;   Czippelova, Barbora ;   Turianikova, Zuzana ;   Lazarova, Zuzana ;   Tonhajzerova, Ingrid ;   Javorka, Kamil ;   Baumert, Mathias

Tags CausalityClosed loop systems in physiological systemsSignal processing in physiological systems

Obesity during adulthood has been associated with cardiovascular disease, but its adverse effects during adolescence are less well...

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Measuring Heart Rate Variability by Means of Information Entropies based on Choi-Williams Distribution

Vallverdu, Montserrat ;   Claria, Francesc ;   Melia, Umberto Sergio Pio ;   Bayes de Luna, Antonio ;   Caminal, Pere

Tags Signal processing in physiological systemsTime-frequency analysis of biosignalsNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signals

The Shannon entropy theory was applied to the Choi-Williams time-frequency distribution (CWD) of cardiac time series (RR series) in order to...

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Symbolic Dynamics of Pulse Transit Time and Heart Period in Children with Upper Airway Obstruction

Baumert, Mathias ;   Kohler, Mark ;   Pamula, Yvonne ;   Immanuel, Sarah Anita

Tags Multivariate signal processingSignal processing in physiological systemsNonlinear dynamics in biomedical signals

Upper airway obstruction (UAO) is a relatively common condition during childhood that is characterized by periods of partial or complete upper...

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Wiener-Granger Causality in QT-HP Variability Interactions

Porta, Alberto ;   Bari, Vlasta ;   Marchi, Andrea ;   De Maria, Beatrice ;   Cerutti, Sergio

Tags Multivariate signal processingSignal processing in physiological systemsCausality

The study exploits a Wiener-Granger causality (WGC) approach in the time domain to assess directionality of the dynamical interactions...

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